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Youth magazines are always one of the most checked-out items among borrowers because of their colourful illustrations, easy vocabulary and diverse topics. The main library (la médiathèque) at Jordan centre provides our members with a variety of youth magazines, the topics of which range from storytelling to scientific discoveries to international news. We are excited to present three recently subscribed youth magazines. 


Bimonthly Okapi targets an audience of native French-speaking junior high school students aged 10 – 15. As for our French leaners, those who have at least A2 level, preferably B1, should definitely try it out.

This magazine is a combination of short novels, comics, experiments, DIY tips, news... Besides, Okapi is actively interacting with readers: they are encouraged to send questions, even the quirkiest ones, and Okapi will try to decrypt these mysteries. Why human can reach the moon? What is autism? What is the secret of Leonardo da Vinci?

With Okapi, you will never get bored. Another section teaches you how to do DIY or scientific experiments. Don't worry if you don't have a Bunsen burner or test tubes at home; these are simple and easy activities with tools that can be found anywhere.

Okapi, le monde s’agrandit !


Mordelire consists of two stories, one that makes you laugh and another that makes you scared, alongside other comics and games.

3 Reasons that you should read Mordelire :

  • Laugh out loud when reading
  • Become a passionate reader
  • Progress in vocabulary

It's simpler than Okapi in terms of both language and content. Beginners should not be afraid to give it a try. Chill out if you don't understand certain vocabulary or phrases; Mordelire always provides readers short explanations in the margins. 

Let’s laugh and shudder !

Je bouquine

Je bouquine is a cultural magazine for junior high school students. Excellent choice for French learners with B1+ level. Main focus: literature. Every month, Je bouquine offers readers:

  • Novels written by authors of adult and youth literature, such as Alice de Poncheville, Yves Grevet and Orianne Charpentier. You can find all literary genres: humor, adventure, thriller, psychological novels and more...
  • Latest cultural news for books, cinema, music
  • Comics adapted from literary masterpieces

Since 2008, a blog has been created for Je bouquine readers. Today, this blog brings together teenage authors who write soap opera, poems and short stories. This is an excellent platform for you to get used to reading in French and explore the world of literature.

Tous les plaisirs de lire sont dans Je bouquine !


Apart from these three new acquisitions, you can also find:

Astrapi, Histoires pour les petits, J'aime lire, Mes premières belles histoires, J'apprends à lire, Picoti...

1 jour 1 actu

We would like to also strongly recommend 1 jour 1 actu, an illustrated newspaper for youngsters. Approaching the theme of the week with both illustrative visuals and infographics, the periodical serves as a "key" for children and teenagers to explore the world and to know what is happening in different countries and societies. Clear, precise and only a few pages. Whereas the text can sometimes be an obstacle for beginners, the visuals, intuitive and self-explanatory, can help one easily get the gist of the matter. More advanced French learners, of course, can have a even more comprehensive understanding.

To have a look at all the new youth magazines, you may consult our online catalogue. Choose "Press" and then "French Learners" or "Kids and Teens" in the filter to narrow your search.

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