Celebrating the 70 Years of  the Alliance Française de Hong Kong

In 2023, the Alliance Française de Hong Kong celebrates its 70th anniversary.

To celebrate this anniversary, the teams of the Alliance Française of Hong Kong are jointly launching the Hong Kong French Film Festival with a rich contemporary program and exceptional guests whose presence pays tribute to the city's oldest film festival: director Karine Silla, director and actor Vincent Perez, director Brigitte Sy, actor Damien Bonnard, composer Brigitte Thiriet, photographer and Studio Magazine's editor-in-chief, Luc Roux, and Jean-Pierre Lavoignat.

OPENING CEREMONY : 21st NOVEMBER - Soho House Hong Kong - HKFFF OPENING : 22nd November

The photographer Luc Roux's exhibition, "CINEMATIC PULSE : in the heart of Luc Roux's photographs" accompanies the festival and the AF's anniversary by presenting over 30 portraits of major celebrities who have left their mark on French cinema over the past forty years.

OPENING EXHIBITION : 22nd November - Soho House Hong Kong

A special edition of "Paroles 70 ans" will also be published to chronologically and in detail narrate the 70 years of this memorable journey: its genesis in the 1950s, the beginning of French cinema in Hong Kong, the '60s with the development of the AF identity, the '70s and '80s witnessing the rise of French culture in the city, the '80s and '90s marked by a historic surge in the number of students, the great adventure of the French May, the '90s and 2000s with the rise of cultural events, the 2010s and 2020s and their adaptations to highly changing contexts.  
Writers and Editor: Gérard Henry, David Cordina, Jean-Sébastien Attié

HKFFF website   Cinematic Pulse : Luc Roux's photographs     Paroles Hors Série 
From 22 November to 12 December - check website   From 22 November to 3 December - Soho House HK   Available in AF Centers 


Since its establishment, Alliance Française de Hong Kong has dedicated to promoting French culture through offering French classes and organizing a wide range of cultural events. It has become Asia's leading French language institution with more than 6000 students a year. 

In terms of the cultural scene, you may already be familiar with some of our state of the art cultural events namely Hong Kong French Film Festival, Make Music Hong Kong, French May Arts Festival and Francophonie Festival. Let's take a look at our key milestone over past seven decades and rediscover the achievements we have made! 

The 7 decades can be divided into 4 key phases, marked by important milestones and achievement of the organization: 

Becoming a Landmark

The 60s, "La Nouvelle Vague"

The Alliance Française de Hong Kong was founded in 1953.  Very dynamic from its earliest days, the Alliance Française quickly became a major landmark of the French presence in Hong Kong.

Located on Central building and Preservation, Alliance Française Hong Kong reached 3000 students yearly.

Pioneer of Film Festival

The 70s,  “L’Âge d’Or”

As a pioneer in film festivals, Alliance Française de Hong Kong has screened over 1,600 acclaimed French films since 1953. The 50th edition will continue to bring the latest and the best of French Cinema to Hong Kong film lovers.

The Booming Years

End of the eighties : “Le Boom”

In a bit more than three decades, the Alliance Française imposed itself in Hong Kong. During the seventies and the eighties, it secures its development and knows its first cultural rise as well as its French Teaching golden age. 

In 1991, Alliance Francaise Hong Kong becomes the biggest centre in the world with 45,000 registrations. In 1993, it founded Le French May jointly with the French General Consulate in Hong Kong and Macau.

Community of arts and cultural

The 2000s

The very first edition of La Fête de la Musique took place on the trams in 1984. In 2018, La Fête de la Musique has evolved to become a three-day music festival, rebranded as Make Music Hong Kong, and welcomed over 30 local and international bands.

In 2000, AFHK launched Francophonie festival, a joint initiative between French-speaking countries in Hong Kong. It now presents dozens of events every year during the month of March to celebrate Francophonie festival. With its rich and dedicated cultural activities, AFHK has built a solid arts and cultural community in Hong Kong.

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