Hong Kong French Film Festival

The very best of French cinema every year in Hong Kong for all cinema fans!

Since its establishment in 1953, Alliance Française has been dedicated to bringing the best and the latest French cinema to Hong Kong. The first French Film Festival debuted at the Queen’s Theatre with the comedy Monsieur Hulot's Holiday, released in the same year in France. Since then, the Hong Kong French Film Festival has been the pioneer of all film festivals in Hong Kong by being the most time-honoured film festival in town, held regularly as an annual cinema gala since 1972. 

The success of every year’s French Film Festival would never be made possible without the support of all our sponsors on top of the dedication and engagement of our organising team, which enriches the content of the festival by enabling us to invite world-renowned directors, actors and actresses to meet the general public of Hong Kong.

Every year, the dedicated Alliance Francaise teams work relentlessly to present a diverse, comprehensive and innovative film festival programme to the Hong Kong audience. 

Behind Hong Kong French Film Festival…

Established and organised by Alliance Française de Hong Kong, the success of the Hong Kong French Film Festival would not be made possible without the love and support of multiple organisations such as the Leisure and Cultural Services Department, UniFrance, the Consulate General of France in Hong Kong & Macau, Broadway Circuit and other local cinema partners, film distributors, sponsors and other partners.

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Since 1972, the Hong Kong French Film Festival and the Leisure and Cultural Services Department (formerly Urban Services Department and Regional Services Department) collaborate to transform the festival into an annual movie gala. The festival screens 40 to 50 movies each year all over the city, including Hong Kong Island and Kowloon, composed of 2 major collections:

Cine Panorama
which screens new releases, and Retrospective, a selection of classics around a specific theme. The festival has presented countless French films since then, adapting to the tastes of both cinephiles and the general public, and even Hong Kong local directors and artists who get to learn more about French cinema through our festival, attracting audiences of different profiles.

French Film Festival 2023 Programme French Film Festival 2023 Programme

Special events

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