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New Acquisitions for Adults

Dictionnaire des cinémas chinois : Chine, Hong Kong, Taiwan

From "The Assassin" to Wang Bing, and from Fruit Chan to "Touch of Zen," this illustrated dictionary covers over a century of Chinese cinema(s) and embraces its diversity of genres, themes, and styles. A must-read for movie-lovers!

La Tectonique des plaques

Illustrator Margaux Motin deals with the condition of being a single mother in her mid-30s in this semi-autobiographical comic book. When one’s life is shaken by a separation, can reverting to a teen spirit and refusing to fully embrace adulthood be a way out?

Poésie d’aujourd’hui à voix haute

A collection of contemporary French-language poems, highlighting its diversity as well as its artistic vitality. Including the works of poets Édouard Glissant, Nabile Farès, Michel Deguy, and Jacques Roubaud.

Mémoires d’Hadrien

In one of her major and most-acclaimed works, Marguerite Yourcenar imagines the memoirs of a Roman emperor.

New Acquisitions for Kids & Teens

Ralph Azham


Histoires du soir pour filles rebelles

Les Coups de coeur Monthly Picks

Notes, T.1 : Born to be a Larve

This book encompasses the first two years of Boulet’s blog, one of the most famous French comic-blogs, started in 2004 and still active today. Through a variety of graphic styles and narration techniques, readers will dive with delight into the micro-events of an artist’s everyday life. Including never-ending struggles with deadlines, accounts of the author’s weirdest dreams, and a trip to South Korea!

Voyage à travers le cinéma français

Movies are for many of us coals for winter nights, warming our hearts in difficult times. In the documentary, renowned director Bertrand Tavernier reflects on the many French films and filmmakers that have made their mark on cinema history as well as on his personal growth into a successful creator. More than a documentary, it’s a memoir, a homage, full of affection.

La Nuit des temps

An international team of scientists receives a mysterious signal from deep underneath the ice of the South Pole. There, they discover a woman and a man, asleep in a strange shelter: the two only survivors of a very advanced human civilization that abruptly disappeared 900 000 years ago... Published in 1968, this sci-fi novel by René Barjavel is a masterpiece of imagination and a timeless love(s) story.

Pommes d’amour

These funny and tender nursery rhymes and poems merge imagery, musicality with the author’s appreciation of life and nature. Chung-hing creates both the text and the illustrations. Originated in Hong Kong, she settled in France in the 70s; the experience explains the traditional Chinese elements in her works, all demonstrating remarkable originality and sensitivity.

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