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New Acquisitions for Adults

Bleu : Histoire d'une couleur

What is the history of the blue colour, its uses and meanings? Historian Michel Pastoureau answers the question in this scholarly yet accessible book, at the crossroads of social history, art history, chemistry, and the study of textiles and fashion. How did blue become by far the favourite colour in Western countries, while in Ancient Greece and Rome, it was rather disliked and even deemed unpleasant?

Nouvelles et poèmes en prose

Arguably one the greatest Chinese writers of the 20th century, Lu Xun finally joins our library, in a new French translation by sinologist and former CEFC director Sebastian Veg. Enhanced by rich notes and commentaries, the book includes many prose poems and short stories, including the famous “Diary of a madman” and “The True Story of Ah-Q.”


In the far future, astronauts explore the remains of Le Louvre Museum. There, they find The Virgin and Child with Saint Anne, a painting by Leonardo da Vinci. They collect samples of the painter’s DNA and clone him. Indeed, they believe that only Leonardo’s genius can save mankind from total annihilation… After Nicolas de Crécy, Jirô Taniguchi, and the Hongkonger Li Chi-Tak, this is Stéphane Levallois’ own work on the renowned museum. His drawing style is a beautiful homage to da Vinci’s sketches.

Josephine Baker

Josephine Baker was the first African-American woman who became a world star. In 1925, aged 20, she came to Paris and quickly became a symbol of the French Roaring Twenties (“Les Années Folles”). But her life was also about fighting for freedom and against prejudice as she joined the French resistance during WWII and the civil rights movement in the US later on. After Kiki de Montparnasse, this is another graphic novel by authors Catel and José-Louis Bocquet dedicated to the real life story of a fascinating female figure. 

New Acquisitions for Kids & Teens

La Peur du Louvre

A comic book whose hero is… you! After being separated from your classmates during a school visit at Le Louvre, explore the hidden mysteries of the museum and experience multiple possibilities of adventures, depending on the choices you make (e.g. if you turn left, go to page 10; if you turn right, go to page 11)! All you need is a piece of paper to mark the items that you choose to take with you at the beginning and a coin to flip when the book requires it. You can live a different story each time! For all publics.

Jean de la Lune

 by Tomi Ungerer

Look well: there is a man living on the Moon. That's Jean! One day, he caught the tail of a comet and travelled to Earth. There, he went through moments of fear and happiness, and he made a wonderful encounter. Here is his story!

Lucky Luke: Un Cow-boy à Paris

The classical Western series Lucky Luke is back! In this new adventure, the famous gunslinger who “shoots faster than his own shadow” encounters Auguste Bartholdi, the French sculptor who is conceiving the Statue of Liberty. But someone else wants to build a prison in front of New York instead of the iconic statue, and tries to sabotage it. Tasked with protecting the artist, Luke travels to Paris where he will come across a few more famous Frenchmen such as Arthur Rimbaud, Paul Verlaine, Claude Monet, Gustave Eiffel… or Victor Hugo!

Les Coups de coeur Monthly Picks

Hong Kong Gang

Ma Kafai's first novel tells the journey of a man who fled rural China and became a rickshaw driver in the 1930s Hong Kong, eventually becoming a leader of the underworld. His forbidden romance with a British officer of the colonial government takes him, and us along, into a muddle of espionage, assassination and war, where the ambitions of the British, Japanese, Chinese communists and nationalists loom large.

Le Trois brigands

“Once upon a time, there were three fierce robbers. They went about hidden under large black capes and tall black hats. The first had a blunderbuss, the second had a pepper-blower, and the third had a huge red axe!…” In one of Tomi Ungerer’s best-known books, the Alsatian-born author takes us into a modern fable with enchanting graphics that has delighted generations of children (and parents!)

Fini de rire

In this documentary, Olivier Malvoisin takes us to Europe, the US, and the Middle East to investigate the new limits and challenges to the freedom of expression. In the limelight are the satirical cartoonists of the press who possess both the instinct of a journalist and the vision of an artist. Imaginably many face menaces and threats from authorities, political fanatics or religious extremists. Where to draw the line?


This comic book by Bastien Vivès brings us into the realm of classical dance in Russia. Chosen by Professor Bojinski, the young Polina Oulinov overcomes her lack of body flexibility and is accepted by the renowed Bolshoi Ballet. During a dancing festival, Polina discovers different types of dance: she decides to quit the classical ballet and engages herself in modern dance. However, the path is not as easy as she had imagined.

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