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New Acquisitions for Adults

À la ligne : Feuillets d'usine
Joseph Ponthus

In this novel written in verses, Joseph Ponthus chronicled his everyday life working in fish canneries and slaughterhouses. He was considered a major emerging French writer.

Les Grands Mythes (Season 1)
S. Bergère (dir.) and F. Busnel

If you are interested in Ancient Greece and its mythology, this documentary series is for you! Revisit the epic and tragic stories and their many characters, Gods and Heroes.

Pei-Hsiu Chen

In this award-winning comic book translated into French, young Taiwanese artist Chen Pei-Hsiu tells the everyday life stories of ten women in present-day Taipei, using pencil and charcoal.

La Puissance des femmes

Why do philosophy classes usually feature so few women? This book is an alternative history of philosophy, featuring thinkers whose works were neglected and even forgotten.

New Acquisitions for Kids & Teens

T’choupi dans la nuit

Thierry Courtin

Learn new words with T'choupi and his grandfather as they spend the evening on the beach, looking at the stars, and listening to the owl. 

(comic book)

Emmanuel Guibert & Marc Boutavant

Ariol is a blue donkey who lives with his parents and goes to school. His best friend are Ramono, a piglet, and Pétula, a little cow.

C’est pas sorcier (DVDs)

Board the truck alongside Fred, Jamy, and Sabine, and discover topics such as how the weather works, ancient civilisations, the origin of stones, and the life of plants!

Les Coups de cœur Monthly Picks

The Magic of Méliès: Fifteen Fantasy Works by the Cinema’s First Special Effects Wizard

Discover 15 short films made by Georges Méliès between 1904 and 1908 alongside the documentary Georges Méliès: Cinema Magician (20 mn). Including: The Untamable Whiskers (“Le Roi du maquillage”), The Mermaid (“La Sirène”), The Impossible Voyage (“Le Voyage à travers l'impossible”), The Living Playing Cards (“Les Cartes vivantes”), etc.

Hugo (Martin Scorcese, dir.)

Around the time of WWI’s breakout in 1914, as he was indebted and bankrupt, Georges Méliès stopped making movies. Eventually, at the beginning of the 1920s, he was largely forgotten and worked with his wife at a small toy and candy stall located in the hall of one of Paris’ main train stations (la Gare Montparnasse). This is the setting of this 2011 movie, directed by Martin Scorcese, and paying a movie-loving homage to the father of special effects.
(for all publics)

L’Œuvre de Georges Méliès

Photos, drawings, furniture, sets, costumes… This lavishly illustrated book was published by the French Cinémathèque in the frame of an exhibition about the “Magician of Cinema”. Dive into Georges Méliès’ archives and discover how he was making movies, from scripts and story-boards to the final shooting.

Alice Guy

Comic book authors Catel Muller and José-Louis Bocquet have been publishing several books on major female figures in French history: Kiki de Montparnasse, Josephine Baker, as well as Olympe de Gouges. Their latest work deals with the life of the long-forgotten first female director in history, Alice Guy.

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