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DELF Junior : a specially adapted version of the DELF diplomas for secondary school students, i.e. young people aged from 12 to 17 years.

Description & structure

Open to secondary school students, including also young French citizens who reside in a non-francophone country and who are schooled in local institutions.

Issued by the French Ministry of Education, internationally recognised and valid for life.

Divided into four diplomas corresponding to the first four levels of the Common European Reference Framework for Languages: A1 and A2 (for basic-level users), B1 and B2 (for independent users).

Designed to assess the communicative skills of a candidate in a real-life situation, using authentic documents, rather than the linguistic and formal grammatical knowledge.

Four skills are evaluated through two examinations:

  • collective examination: listening, reading, writing;
  • individual examination: speaking.

    The junior version of DELF (12 to 17 years old) has the same basic structure as the standard DELF. Only the topics are different: the materials take into account the interests of young people. It can only be taken by secondary school students.

    The diploma awarded is identical to the standard DELF diploma . The examinations are independent, and candidates can register for the examination of their choice. Each examination evaluates the four communication skills: reading, listening, writing and speaking.
    There are four diplomas for teenagers: A1, A2, B1 & B2

    For further information about DELF and DALF, visit the France Education International (formerly CIEP) website.

    Pricing and preparation


    A1 - HKD 850
    A2 - HKD 850
    B1 - HKD 1,150
    B2 - HKD 1,400

    Alliance Française is offering you Exam Preparation courses and  Mock Exams (A1, A2, B1, B2) for all levels : 

    Preparation course
    Our course are crash courses scheduled around one month before your exam, offering you enough time to study for your qualifications with less stress and more confidence.  In addition to a solid reinforcement of reading, writing and listening skills, we will offer an intensive speaking practice as schools often leave this part of the exam unattended due to time issues.

    We use past exam papers and sample questions to help you study.

    Day 1: focus on reading and listening
    Day 2: focus on writing
    Day 3: focus on speaking
    Day 4: focus on speaking

    Next session & registration dates

    Examination Centre: unless advised otherwise, all exams are organised at Alliance Française, Jordan centre and HK Scout Centre during business hours.
    Please note that candidates will not be able to choose their oral examination date and time.


      2020 SESSION 1  





    2 June (Tue), 2pm to 6pm - Written test: 4:15-5:35 pm

    17 March to
    11 May 2020


    3 June (Wed), 2pm to 6pm - Written test: 4:00-5:40 pm


    4 June (Thu), 9am to 4pm - Written test: 9:15-11:00 am


     8 June (Mon)  - 2 pm to 6 pm - Written test: 2:00-4:30 pm 


    2020 SESSION 2





    7 December (Mon), 9am to 4pm - Written test: 9:00-10:20 am

    7 October to
    7 November 2020


    8  December (Tue) , 9am to 4pm - Written test: 9:00-10:40 am


    9 December (Wed) , 9am to 4pm - Written test: 9:00-10:55 am


    10 & 11 December (Thu & Fri), 9am to 4pm
    Written test: 9:00-11:30 am on Dec 10

    How to register

    1. Read through the information on this page.
    2. Register at our centres: you may register at the reception of any one of our centres (Jordan, Shatin, Wanchai). 
    3. Register online: please click on the corresponding exam level below. 
    4. EXAM LEVELS :  DELF  A1 - A2 - B1  - B2      (enable during registration period only).
    5. When the online payment is successful, you will receive by email a receipt and a payment reference.
    6. Download the exam registration form in: French/English. Please send your completed form together with the payment receipt to
    7. You will receive an email confirming your registration.
    8. You will receive your exam schedule by post or email two weeks before the examinations.
    9. If you have any questions, please contact Branda Chan on 2738 2714 or
    10. Exam fees are neither refundable nor transferable. All registrations are final.  Please ensure that you will be available to attend the exam on the date(s) and within the time range. 

    Please note that the online payment is available for the examinations that are open for registration. Without a confirmation email from AFHK, your registration is not valid.
    An exam notice will be sent to you by post or email 2 weeks prior to the exam day. If you don’t receive it, please inform us by email at

    How to prepare

    1. Sample  papers are provided for each level on the France Education International website.
    2. Workshop and Mock Exams. Learn More. 
    3. Private tuition: personalised training and flexible scheduling, private tuition is a great way to get ready before your exam. Visit our website for more details or contact us at
    4. Resources:
    • Bonjour de France: online activities to prepare for DELF Junior.
    • TV5MONDE : online activities to practice French through videos, songs and articles, for A1 and A2 levels (and above).
    • CIEP bibliography: the CIEP created a list of textbooks and online resources to prepare for DELF/DALF exams.
    • Our multimedia library also stocks a variety of books to help you prepare for the DELF/DALF exams.


    Note that DELF and DALF examiners and markers are all trained and authorized by France Education International . They follow strict assessment guidelines and are regularly monitored.

    Results will be sent to you by post or email about 7 weeks after sitting the exam. Diplomas will be issued to candidates with “passed” (“admis”) results by the French Ministry of Education.  Usually, it takes about 3 months after the results are sent to candidates. We will inform you by email when we receive the diplomas so that you can come and pick them up.

    Candidates from Mainland China - we may arrange the diploma to be sent by SF Express (paid by receiver).
    Candidates from other countries - we may arrange the diploma to be sent by Speedpost, but you have to inform us and pay the relevant courier fees in advance.

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