Placement test for Teens

Find the right class for you. 

The key to mastering a new language and having a wonderful learning experience is to start with a class at your level! 
At Alliance française we offer hundreds of classes each year, so if you are a non-beginner, you might need our help in finding the most suitable one for you.

Our teens' curriculum covers the levels from complete beginner to independent speaker (A1 to B1).

Our placement test combines language and maturity items.

For taking the test, you must first purchase your test, and then book an appointment. The test fee is refundable when you enroll your kid within the next 3 months. Please note that we also offer periods of Free placement test. Check on our website.

The test is a short writing drill and questions, followed by a 5-mn interview with one of our teachers.

Placement tests are organised in our 3 centres.

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