La Fête de la Francophonie

Francophonie (French-speaking area) represents today about 300 million people, binded with a common language. As language is impossible without culture, we celebrate regular and yearly events in cooperation with French-speaking countries Consulates and representatives, associations and cultural institutions.
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The weeks of the francophonie is held every month of March, and brings spectacular events like Mars en Folies music show, conferences, Francophonie film festival, contests, French theatre and so much more. Stay tuned!

Special events

2019 - Dany Laferrière : Why do we read?
2019 - Mars en Folies

2019 - March 2019 - With "Mars en Folies" discover the French-speaking musical scene in Hong Kong!

| Posted by Ophélie Greco Barnett
2019 - Rendez-vous à Hong Kong
Dis-moi dix mots 2020

Creative writing games with French language and others...  2020 thematic : "Au fil de l'eau" - "Water"   Dis-moi dix mots - Opération 2020

| Posted by David Cordina

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