Placement Test for Kids 

Find the right class for your kid

Why should your kid take the test?

If your kid already has some knowledge of French and/ or has taken French lessons in the past, this test will help us determine which course is the right one for him/her.

If she/he is a total beginner, he/she can enrol directly in an A1.1 course (For 6 years old kids: Initiation to French (Kids 1)-Part 1. For 7 to 10 years old kids:  A1.1 Discovery (Kids 2) - Part 1)

Our children's curriculum covers the levels from complete beginner to intermediate speaker (A1 to A2).

For taking the test, you must first purchase your test, and then book an appointment. The test fee is refundable when you enroll your kid within the next 3 months.

The test is a 10-15-mn interview with one of our teachers.

Placement tests are organised in our 3 centres.

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