A tender age to start with a tender language

Kids have incredible skills for languages and catching the sounds and rhythms of foreign languages.

We offer courses for Toddlers from 18 months to 3 years old where family members join to start the learning journey with their kids.

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Our approach

Our methodology is a full-immersive approach, with songs, story-telling, habits, and interactions with our French and kids' specialists.

For TD1 (18-36 months), we have developed a unique program that :

  •  includes one parent or family member (they are not required to speak French)
  • develops specific theme for a more efficient vocabulary process
  • encourages learning through creativity such as child’s literature, visual arts, arts and crafts, singing and dancing

Classes of one hour for TD1
Classes of 1h30 for TD2

Sessions of 10 weeks 
4 terms in year

An adult can attend the class for TD1

Maximum of 6 toddlers (TD1), 8 for TD2.

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