A tender age to start with a tender language

Our methodology is a full-immersive approach, with songs, story-telling, habits, and interactions with our French and kids' specialists. We offer classes from 18 months old to 3 years old. Parents (mother, father or helper) are welcome and required to participate in the class with their kids (18-24 months TD1). Start the journey!

They watch them take their first step into the world of French language. They create a bond between the child and the teacher. It's not required that the parents speak French.

TD1 - Toddlers 1 (18 to 24 months) - parent can attend the class
TD2 - Toodlers 2 (24 to 36 months) - parents don't attend the class

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Our approach

Kids have incredible skills for languages and catching the sounds and rhythms of foreign languages. For TD1, we have developed a unique program that :

  •  includes one parent or family member
  • develops specific theme for a more efficient vocabulary process
  • encourages learning through creativity such as child’s literature, visual arts, arts and crafts, singing and dancing

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Classes of one hour for TD1
Classes of 1h30 for TD2

Sessions of 10 weeks 
4 terms in year

An adult can attend the class for TD1

Maximum of 6 toddlers (TD1), 8 for TD2.

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