TCF Exam   delf dalf tcf france education french examination

A universal test to assess your French language capabilities

TCF is flexible, widely recognised for studying in French-speaking universities, for citizenship or for immigration purposes.

Description & structure

TCF French Exam

TCF:  Test de Connaissance du Français
/ French Language Evaluation Test. It allows non-native speakers of French to obtain a simple, effective and precise evaluation of their skills in comprehension and expression.

Click here to access the “Manuel du candidat” (in French).

Candidates will receive a certificate issued by the French Ministry of Education. It is valid for 2 years from taking the test.

The certificate shows results with a total score between 100 and 699 as well as a mention of the corresponding Common European Reference Framework for Languages level, from A1 to C2:

delf dalf tcf france education french examination canada immigration

delf dalf tcf france education french examination canada immigration

TCF: The exam consists of 3 tests: a compulsory test and two optional tests (composition and oral). You may take the tests in different sessions. However, for taking only the optional tests, you must have a valid compulsory test certificate.

For French nationality purposes, starting from 1 April 2020, candidates have to take all the 3 tests in the same session and achieve B1 level minimum.

TCF Canada: All the tests of the exam are compulsory. In order to qualify to score points for Canada immigration purposes, candidates need to achieve B2 (Advanced) level minimum.

For further information about TCF, visit the France Education International (formerly CIEP)  website.
For further information about Canadian immigration application, visit IRCC.


TCF compulsory test: HK$ 1,800
Reading comprehension, listening comprehension, and language structures (grammar and vocabulary).

TCF optional tests:
Composition (writing) - HK$ 900
Oral (speaking) - HK$ 900

TCF Canada: HK$3,500
Reading comprehension, listening comprehension, language structures, composition and oral.

Next sessions & registration dates

Unless clearly advised otherwise, all exams are organised at HK Scout Centre and AF Jordan Centre during business hours.
After the enrollment, candidate needs to complete the application form and send to
We reserve the right to add extra days for each session.

**Candidates must follow the anti-pandemic measures and arrangements by the Organizer.  The arrangement of activity is possible to be changed in light of COVID-19 and government measures.

1. A face mask must be worn at all times and your body temperature must be checked at the entrance of the exam venue.
2. The decisions of Alliance Francaise de Hong Kong will be final and prevails.



TCF Canada

Wednesday 18 January

 18 November - 18 December 2022


Wednesday 15 February

 15 December 2022 - 15 January 2023

TCF Canada

Wednesday 8 March

 10 January - 8 February 

TCF Canada

Tuesday 13 June

 13 April - 13 May 


Tuesday 5 September

 5 July - 5 August 

TCF Canada

Tuesday 17 October

 17 August - 17 September 


Tuesday 28 November

 28 September - 28 October 

How to register

  1. Read through the information on this page.
  2. Register at our centres:you may register at the reception of any one of our centres (Jordan, Shatin, Wanchai): Please click here to download the exam form:

TCF Registration Form TCF Registration Form

TCF Canada Registration Form TCF Canada Registration Form

     4. Register online: Purchase online your exam. (Enable only during registration period. Seats are limited.)

 TCF obligatoire  TCF obligatoire

 TCF option écrite  TCF option écrite

 TCF option orale  TCF option orale

TCF Canada TCF Canada

   5. When the online payment is successful, you will receive by email a receipt and a payment reference.

   6. Please send your examination registration form together with the payment reference to

   7. You will then receive a confirmation email from AFHK.

   8. You will receive your exam schedule by email two weeks before the examinations.

   9. If you have any questions, please contact


  • All TCF candidates who register for TCF option orale (Oral/speaking test), a photo of the candidate will be taken on-site. This photo will be printed on the certificate.
  • Test fees are neither refundable nor transferable.
  • Seats are limited for compulsory test, and limited to 16 for TCF option orale - Oral/speaking test. 


About four weeks after the tests, we will inform you by email to collect the certificates issued by FEI of the French Ministry of Education. Please note that delays are often experienced due to the pandemic.

Candidates from Mainland China - we may arrange the certificate to be sent by SF Express (paid by receiver).
Candidates from other countries - we may arrange the certificate to be sent by Speedpost, but you have to inform us and pay the relevant courier fees in advance.

N.B. Results will NOT be disclosed via phone or email.

How to prepare

  1. Group courses: we offer group courses from A1 to C1 levels in Wanchai, Jordan and Shatin. Not sure what your level is? Click here to make a Placement test.  Our staff will contact you to discuss course options.
  2. Private tuition: personalised training and flexible scheduling, private tuition is a great way to get ready before your exam. Visit our website for more details or contact us at
  3. PrepMyFuture TCF (see below)
  4. Resources:
    1. Radio France International: practice for the listening examination.
    2. Didier FLE: online activities to prepare for TCF.
    3. TV5MONDE: online activities to prepare for TCF.
    4. France Education International: a list of useful resources.
    5. Our multimedia library also stocks a variety of books to help you prepare for the TCF.
    6. Not sure what your level is? Take this free online self-assessment created by the CIEP and RFI (page in French).

PrepMyFuture TCF

delf dalf tcf exam preparation french examination

Prepare efficiently for your TCF exam with PrepMyFuture

1. A preparation covering all sections in the test

2. A preparation adapted to each version of the TCF - TCF Tout Public - TCF QC - TCF CA

3. Lessons available for each type of question

4 . Grammar and vocabulary reminders

5. Adaptive learning for all concepts

There are 3 options to choose from:


PrepMyFuture TCF (license only)

Get your pass to PrepMyFuture TCF and get access to:
over 1500 exercices covering all 4 sections of the test.
Adaptative learning for learners of all levels.

With PrepMyFuture, you can train and simulate exam conditions, track your performance, identify your weaknesses and improve your skills with personalized exercises.

Each pass is valid for one year from the date of purchase 

PrepMyFuture TCF PrepMyFuture TCF


PrepMyFuture TCF + 6 hrs Online Private Tuition 

Get your pass to PrepMyFuture TCF  and enjoy the tips from an experience teacher.

Your tutor will help you get an excellent grasp of the TCF exam (its format, variations - TCF standard or Canada - and specificities) and set achievable learning goals. 

Each pass is valid for one year from the date of purchase 

PrepMyFuture TCF + Private tuition PrepMyFuture TCF + Private tuition


PrepMyFuture TCF + Mock exam (speaking & writing exams only)

Get your pass to PrepMyFuture TCF  and enjoy the tips from an experience teacher.

The Mock exam will take place face to face at Alliance Française.  
Our mock exam is great opportunity for you to correct the little mistakes that can make a big difference on the D-day. The feedbacks from our skilled and experienced teachers-correctors will help you put all the chances on your side.

Each pass is valid for one year from the date of purchase

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