Regular Group Classes

At Alliance Française, our highly popular general French classes will allow you to develop all five core skills: speaking, interacting, listening, reading and writing; as well as provide you with abundant intercultural insights.

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learn french methods interactive lessonsOur approach 

Through specific communication objectives and interactive activities, you will progress from basic communicative situations to more complex interactions, where you must organize your ideas in order to inform, explain, narrate, convince, argue, or speak in public.

learn french progress syllabusOur syllabus 

Alliance Française bases its syllabus on the latest teaching methods and on the CEFR (the Common European Framework for Languages), a standard reference adopted by dozens of educational systems worldwide. The series of textbooks Edito is currently being used accross our syllabus.

If you are a complete beginner, simply choose our A1 Discovery level then A1 Discovery part 1 schedule

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2 types of courses regular french course timetable

Regular courses once a week

10 weeks = 1 term = 1 level
3hrs Once a week
Available Mo-Su, mornings, afternoons and evenings
Start 9:30 or 10am, 1:30pm, 6:30 or 7pm

Regular courses twice a week

10 weeks = 1 term = 1 level
1hr30 Twice a week
Available Mo-Thu, mornings, lunchtime, afternoons and evenings
Start 10am, 12:30pm, 2pm, 6:30pm or 8pm

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Catch-up lessons 

(Coming soon) If you miss a class, you can take a catch-up lesson with one teacher. For a traditional 3 hr-lesson skipped, you can take a 30 minutes catch-up class at HKD250.

Fast-track courses

We offer intensive courses in the morning or evening. 
Click here for more details.

Classes at your convenience

We offer French courses at different times of the day: early morning, morning, lunchtime, early afternoon, and evening at our different  centres. Check here.

From only HK$ 90/hour

At Alliance Française, we strive to offer affordable tuition fees. All fees are subject to change without notice. Books and registration fees are not included in the tuition fee.

New students

A placement test is required for non-beginners. You can take your test online.

Your level

Each textbook generally comprises 4 to 6 levels. Each level is equivalent to a  30 hr-course. You can learn at different paces, from our regular 30 hr-course to an unparalleled hyper-intensive          120 hr-course.

Why learn French with us?

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great locations

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certifications and French language diplomas

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from HK$90
per hour
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Over 70
years of Teaching expertise

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