FRENCH MAY:  Literature and Education Associated Programmes 

Literature: Living Books @PMQ

Taste Library, 5th floor, H504, PMQ, G/F and galleries , Aberdeen Street, Central
Saturdays and Sundays of May and June 2024
12pm-6 pm
In original languages

Free admission, registration required

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About the Living Books project

Against the possibility of a dystopian future where happiness is equated to the absence of knowledge and books become forbidden, the global initiative ”time has fallen asleep in the afternoon sunshine” is born.

Launched more than 10 years ago by performance artist Mette Edvardsen, whose work has gone international between Paris, Oslo, Brussels, Sydney and Barcelona, it aims to form a library collection of living books.

A group of volunteers memorize a passage of a book of their choice before awaiting to be consulted by a visitor, ready to recount their story. This initiative is on a 1-1 half an hour long appointment basis, with reservations scheduled through the calendar of l’Alliance Française found before.

Come discover their many stories, in the language of your choice, and listen to what their hearts have to recite...

Original languages recited: French, English, Cantonese, German.

Length: Each recitation/performance is about 30mn.

Suitable for ages 12 and above (children between 6 and 11 have to be accompanied by an adult).

Readers: HeidiBaron-Jiang, Naomi Benhamou, Daniel Cabane, Nil Charbonneau, Rose Chupin, Svetlana Bouev Dombre, Suzanne Doumenc, Emilie Foster, Caroline Ha Thuc, Joel Kwong, Marc Laurent, Noémie Petitpierre, JC Koum, Alice Rensy.

Presented by:

french may arts festival hk

Co-organised with:

                                 alliance francaise hong kong learn french

Venue sponsor:

french may arts festival hk


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