Beginner workshops A1

Learning French is a journey around the basics of the language but also skills that you can develop with Alliance Française: speaking, reading, writing, listening, grammar clinic, medias, conversation, exam preparation, etc. Please check our list of workshops.

Clinic A1

Grammar is essential and somehow struggling in French. Improve here your basic skills here.

Focus on Speaking A1/A2

Develop your conversational skills and strategies to face daily and communication situations.

Focus on Phonetics A1/A2

Get more familiar with the sounds of French (phonetics, pronunciation, prosody, accent) and avoid common mistakes and misunderstandings.

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Adults 成人

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All classes for Adults / 成人課程

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Available Courses: 1

A1 Beginner

Discover the basics of French.
For complete Beginners to Elementary level. Four sub-levels to complete the first learning stage: A101 to A104
Complete beginner? Welcome! No prior assessment needed. You can enroll in our A101 classes.
After this full A1 level, students will be able to introduce yourself, express likes and dislikes, describe activities, know numbers, time, days of the week...
You can subscribe to A1 workshops after completing A102.
Available Courses: 1

A2 Intermediate

For Intermediate level
6 levels to complete the second learning step :  A201 to A206 Intermediate
Not sure about your level? Please contact us for a short level assessment with one of our Teachers to help you find the right course.

Several workshops are also offered at this level: Phonetics, Oral, Conversation courses and Grammar clinic.

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