TCF obligatoire (10/09/2024)

TCF Tout Public exam (10/09/2024)

 Alliance Francaise, 52 Jordan Road, Kowloon / HK Scout Center, 8 Austin Road, Jordan, Kowloon

N.B. Exam fees are neither refundable nor transferable. Please ensure that you will be available to attend the exam on the dates and within the time ranges.
注意: 考試費一經繳付,恕不退還或轉讓
。 請作適當安排以出席考試, 香港法協是不會作任何退款或改期的安排的。

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Last Name / 姓氏Nom (must be the same as shown on your identity card or passport.)
First Name / 名字Prénom (must be the same as shown on your identity card or passport.)
Date of Birth / 出生日期 (DD)
Month of birth/出生月份 (MM)
Year of birth/出生年份 (YYYY)4 Digits of Year of birth
Gender / 性別Sexe
Country or Territory of Birth / 出生國家或地區Pays ou Territoire de naissance
City of Birth / 出生城市Ville de naissance
Mother Language / 母語Langue Maternelle
Nationality / 國籍Nationalité
Reason of taking exam / 參與法語鑑定文憑的原因Raison de prendre l'examen
Phone number / 電話號碼Téléphone
Email / 電郵Adresse électronique (for receive exam information)


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