Private Tuition

Note that: 

  • Onsite 1-on-1 lessons must be at least 1 hour. Semi-private groups and/or offsite lessons must be at least 1.5 hours. 
  • The AFHK will treat every request with due diligence.
  • We might not be able to answer all requests positively – time & place of the private tuition can affect the chances to find a tutor.
  • You may need to purchase textbooks or materials at an additional cost, unless otherwise specified.
  • A $100 AFHK Student registration/membership fee is required to attend our classes. It is valid for a period of 1 year and grants access to services for our students.
  • A transportation fee from $50 per trip applies for private tuition at a selected location of your choice.

Conditions of purchase: 

  • The payment is required 2 working days before the first lesson or the renewal of a package. No lesson will be confirmed if the payment is not received at least 2 working days prior to the scheduled lesson time
  • All private tuition purchase is valid for 6 months from the first lesson. .

Cancellations and changes: 

  • AFHK commits to find a teacher at requested schedule at least 5 working days from purchase. In case the student cancels the sale and requests a refund after AFHK booked the first lesson, the client will be subject to a retention of 20% of the order.
  • If prior notice is given before 24 hours, the lesson or lessons will be postponed to another day or hours, according to the availability of the centre and of the assigned tutor.
  • Failure to notify AFHK of a lesson cancellation 24 hours before the scheduled lesson time will result in the full fee being charged for the lesson. All notifications must be done on your WhatsApp group which would have created before the first lesson.  
  • Cancellations on behalf of minors must be made by their parent/s or guardian/s.
  • For semi-private tuition shared amongst multiple students, no split of credit will be possible once the tuition has been organised and paid for. The Alliance Française will not be held responsible for students’ changes in work commitments or personal circumstances when one student cannot attend the group tuition.

Refunds and credit notes: 

  • If a student arrives more than 15 minutes after the scheduled start of the lesson, the tuition will not be extended and no refund will be given. For more than 30 minutes late, the tuition will be cancelled without refund or reschedule. 
  • Similarly, the Alliance Française de Hong Kong cannot be held responsible for any difficulties preventing a student from arriving on time for a lesson that is not directly within the control of the student e.g. changes in work or personal circumstances or if the traffic is bad or for minor climate issues.
  • In case of T8, classes will be rescheduled accordingly with the teacher.
  • In case serious illness or hospitalization, a credit or a refund may be granted upon presentation of a medical certificate (Administration fee applies) according to AFHK discretion. All applications for a Letter of credit or refund must be addressed to the private tuition coordinator on your WhatsApp group. 
  • Cancellation by the AFHK: In the event of the AFHK experiencing problems at the time of a scheduled lesson and we are unable to provide our regular services, we will arrange for another lesson at the earliest convenience for both student and tutor. Alternatively, AFHK will charge accordingly and organise a Letter of credit for future lessons.
  • AFHK reserves the right to change teachers within a package in case of necessity. 


AFHK makes every effort to ensure that the course information provided is correct at all times. It reserves the right to change the location of private tuition sessions, fees and tutors when necessary. All attempts will be made to notify enrolled students of changes.

Jurisdiction: These terms and conditions will be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws in force in the Hong Kong S.A.R. and, by signing this agreement, you submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of this territory.


每節單人私人課堂必須至少一小時;二至四人小組課堂或指定地點課堂必須至少1.5 小時。




  • 私人課程的學費必須在第一課之前的48小時繳付或在課程續期之前繳付。
  • 由第一節課起計,所有私人補習的學費之有效期為6個月。
  • 在預定上課時間前2個工作天仍未收到應付款項,本會將無法確認任何課程。


  • 若本會在 24 小時前接獲通知,則課堂可按指定導師及上課中心的實際情況而更改上課日期及時間。
  • 如未能在預定上課前24小時通知香港法國文化協會有關取消課堂,則該堂課將被收取全額費用。所有更改必須事先經WhatsApp 群組通知。
  • 未成年的學員若更改或取消上課時間必須由父母/監護人作出書面通知。
  • 兩位或以上的小組私人補習班,若其中一人因事缺席課堂,法協將不予安排課堂費用均攤退還。

  • 法協將於收取學費後五個工作天後安排課堂日期。如學生於安排課堂後提出取消及退款要求,法協將收取總額百份之二十的手續費。


  • 如學員遲到超過預定開始時間15分鐘,上課時間將不會獲延長或退款。如遲到超過30分鐘,該節課程將予取消且不設改期或退款。
  • 同樣,學員因各種不能避免的情況引致未能準時上課,如工作、個人情況、天氣或的交通狀況等,香港法國文化協會將不會承擔任何責任。
  • 八號風球懸掛時, 預定課堂將會延期並與老師另約時間。
  • 學員若因患重病或必須住院而未能預期上課,並能提交有效之醫生證明文件,本會將會考慮退回已繳的學費,或以「備用學費證明」保留學費(手續費適用)作日後報讀課程之用,所有申請必須經WhatsApp 群組處理。
  • 如香港法國文化協會未能按預定上課時間如常地提供服務,我們會盡快按學生和導師的實際情況安排另一堂課。或者,香港法國文化協會可發出「備用學費證明」留作日後課程之用。
  • 香港法國文化協會保留於課程期間更換老師之權利。



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