Special Arrangement


Due to suspension and disruptions of public transportation, for the security of our students, please refer to below arrangement by centre: 

    A number of options are offered for our students who missed any lessons due to centre closures or class suspensions, i.e.  :

    • Teachers will help you to catch up what you missed during these disrupted days. Special arrangements of make-up classes  are prepared on case per case basis. Your teacher will inform you with more details. 
    • Flexibility ("pop-up student") in attending one or two classes of alternative courses of same level : please, contact our reception desk for the class arrangements. 
    • Grammar workshops classes - on Thursday 8  JAN 2020 (9th - to be confirmed).
      (for Kids1, 2, Teens and Adults for all levels)
    • Dont forget the online solutions to keep in touch with French language and our Community

    AF teachers prepare online some activities, revisions, project and different home work:
    - Check our page :  Online Homework
    - Join HK in French  our social network for practicing the French writing.
    - and other solutions : Online course

    We appreciate your understanding, and comprehension as no refund will be given for those adverse external conditions.

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