Kids & Teens Classes

  • Registration
    • Classification of class: Standard classes consist of a minimum of 8 students and Small classes consist of number of students between 5 and 9. Once the category of a class is decided prior to registration, no change will be made during the term.
    • Courses will run subject to a minimum number of participants. Alliance Française de Hong Kong (AFHK) reserves the right to cancel a class with fewer students registered than required as a minimum.
    • The registration is made by a legal guardian of the Child, under his own identity and this person registers the Child to the desired class(es).  
    • A placement test is required for students with a prior knowledge of French. The test is HK$200 and is refundable upon registration within a period of 3 months consecutive to the test date.
    • No refund or make-up class will be arranged due to absence of the student for any reason.
    • Tuition fees, class schedules and tutors are subject to change without prior notice.
    • A $100 AFHK Student registration/membership fee is required to attend our classes. It is valid for a period of 1 year and grants access to services for our students. 
    • Only the person registered for the class is allowed to attend, no sit-in on class or substitute by another person is allowed.
    • There will be no make-up or refund for classes that are cancelled due to adverse weather condition (such as typhoon nº 8 or Black rainstorm warning) or adverse external conditions (general strike, etc...). Detailed information is posted on our website: or

    Rules & regulations

    Course cancellation and viability
    Under the minimum enrolment set up for each category of courses, if  the number of registered students is less than required, and if all registered students desire to keep the class, AFHK reserves the right to reduce the number of hours/length of the course to allow it to be held.

    Concessions, credits and transfers
    All request must be made in writing. No verbal notification is accepted. Tuition fees are neither refundable nor transferrable.
    However, refund/class transfer application may be considered under the following circumstances:

    • Permanent departure before the term starts (full proof is required), a full refund may be granted (Administration fee applies). However, no partial refund is considered once the term has started.
    • Serious illness or hospitalization occurred before the term starts, a credit or a refund may be granted upon presentation of a medical certificate (Administration fee applies). All request must be made before the end of the second week of the term .
    • All transfers from one course to another will be considered on an individual basis. Application time for class-transfer is indicated in the STUDENT MEMO which is distributed upon registration. If the application is made within the period indicated (in STUDENT MEMO), no fee will be charged, otherwise, a HK$100 administration fee will be charged.

    AFHK reserves the right to accept or reject any such application.

    Students request “certificate of attendance”: Must be in writing. Standard copy free of charge. (Administration fee applies to any supplimentary information).
    Administration fee: HK$100

  • Holiday camps: for those specific summer intensive courses morning + afternoons, parents must provide a light meal to their kids.

Privacy statement: Protecting your privacy and personal information is important to AFHK. It is, however, important for us to collect certain personal information from you in order to offer you effective and efficient service.

We will only collect information from you with your knowledge and consent; only use personal information provided by you for the purposes for which it was collected, not disclose your personal information to a third party without your prior consent, ensure that your personal information is not disclosed to other institutions except if required by law or other regulation, and remove your personal information from our system where it is no longer required.

Please call us to provide any necessary corrections to your personal information.

Newsletter: by becoming a student of the AFHK, the student becomes a member of our society, and is granted a Membership/Student card. He/she accepts to receive communication from the school. He/she has the possibility to change this opt-in option by unsubscribing to AFHK's newsletters at anytime.

Disclaimer: The Alliance Française de Hong Kong makes every reasonable effort to ensure that course information supplied is correct at all times. It reserves the right to change any course, private tuition, fees and tutors when necessary. All attempts will be made to notify enrolled students about any changes.

Students need to purchase textbooks or materials at an additional cost, unless otherwise specified.

Photo release: I hereby grant permission to Alliance Française de Hong Kong the right to use, reproduce, and/or distribute photographs, films, videotapes, and sound recordings of me or my child, taken during Classes or Camps without compensation or approval rights, for use in materials created for purposes of promoting the activities of Alliance Française de Hong Kong exclusively.

Jurisdiction: These terms and conditions will be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws in force in the Hong Kong S.A.R. and, by signing this agreement, you submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of this territory.


    • 班別分類:「標準班」的學生人數八至十六人,「小班教學」的學生人數五至九人。班的類別在公佈後將不會作任何更改。
    • 如報名人數少於八人,香港法國文化協會有權取消該班課程。
    • 非初學者必須預約時間接受入學編級測驗。入學編級試費用:$200(此費用可在報名繳費時從學費中扣回(有效期為三個月),不適用於網上報名)
    • 如學員自行缺課,無論任何理由將不獲退款或補課。
    • 報讀本會課程必須繳付HK$100的登記費/會費。該費用的有效期為一年,並可享受本會的服務。
    • 本會保留更改學費、上課時間、課程內容及導師的權利。
    • 各課程只准註冊者上課,別人不得代替或旁聽。
    • 課程若因惡劣天氣(如天文台懸掛八號風球或黑色暴雨警告)或外在惡劣環境(如因示威活動導至交通癱瘓)而被取消將不會獲得改期補課或退款。詳情請瀏覽本會網址: or


    以「班別分類」的人數作標準,如報名人數少於類別所定,而學員又一致希望保留該課程,本會有權減少該課程的上課時間(小時/日期)。 四名學員:按照原定的時間減少20%,三名學員:按照原定的時間減少40%。




    • 學員必須永久離開香港(必須提交有效之證明文件),而學期仍未開始,學員可申請退回已繳的全部學費(手續費適用),但學期一經開始,學費絕不退回。
    • 學員在開課前因患重病或必須住院而未能預期上課,並能提交有效之醫生證明文件,本會將會考慮退回已繳的學費,或以「備用學費證明」保留學費至下一個學期的報名之用(手續費適用)。所有申請必須在學期的首兩個星期內辦理。
    • 任何轉班申請將作個別情況處理(本會保留接受轉班申請與否的權利)。同學可在每個學期指定的時間內(日期列明在每學期派發的「學生備忘錄」上)申請同級轉班。在指定時間以外之任何轉班申請必須繳付HK$100之手續費。



    假期日營:在指定的暑期日營(上午課程+下午活動 ),家長必須為孩子預備午餐。


    • 上第一節課時必須攜帶繳費收據,以便核對。
    • 本會職員可按需要,要求學員提供身份證明,以檢定學員資格。
    • 請愛護本會的各項設備,如有損毀,本會有權要求學員作出賠償。
    • 上課時請關掉手提電話的鈴聲,如需覆電,請到室外。
    • 請自行保管隨身物品,如有遺失或損壞,本會恕不負責。
    • 學員在本中心內走動或上落梯級時敬請注意自身的安全,如因閣下的疏忽而引致任何意外,本會概不負責。
    • 未經本會行政部門的同意,學員不可錄音、錄影或拍攝。





    司法管轄權:以上的章程和條款將受香港特別行政區現行法律的監管和解釋。 並且,通過簽署本協議,閣下服從本地法院的非專屬管轄權。

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