Rewards Card

AF Rewards is a way for you to acquire points and special discounts that reward your loyalty

  • Students will receive a stamp for each $1,500 spent per transaction. Splitting of bills or combination of bills is not allowed.
  • Stamps will be allocated once the term has started.
  • 5 stamps must be collected to enjoy 10% off on French class tuitions fees (private tuition not included).
  • Discount only applies to French class tuitions fees (private tuition not included).
  • Discount is for single use only and the AF Rewards card must be surrendered to AFHK when redeemed.
  • AF Reward card is valid for 24 months after the starting date of the first term stated on the card.
  • Discount can only be redeemed within the validity period of the AF rewards card.
  • This offer doesn’t apply for the immersion programmes in France.
  • In the event that AF decides to terminate this scheme, AF shall give at least one year notice by displaying the information at all AF centres, as well as on AF website
  • Offer is only applicable for the student stated on the card, the discount or stamps are non-transferable. Stamps have no monetary value and cannot be exchanged or redeemed in any way for cash or other products, offers or discounts.
  • In case of loss, a $10 administration fee is required for replacement.
  • The AF rewards card benefits cannot be used in conjunction with other promotional offer, discounts (such as Early Bird), or cash coupons.
  • Alliance Française de Hong Kong reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at our sole discretion, any time and without prior notice.
  • In the event of any dispute, Alliance Française de Hong Kong reserves the right of final decision.

  • 每次消費滿HK$1500,學員可獲印章一個。賬單不可分開或組合使用。
  • 印章於學期開課後才獲蓋上。
  • 此優惠不適用於到法國的生活體驗課程。
  • 必須集齊五個印章才可享受法語課程學費之九折優惠(不適用於私人教授的課程)
  • 折扣僅適用於法語課程學費(不適用於私人教授的課程)。
  • 折扣僅限一次性使用,法協績分卡必須在兌換時交還給香港法協。
  • 在第一次蓋印的開課日起計,法協績分卡的有效期為24個月。
  • 折扣只能在績分卡的有效期內兌換。
  • 若法協決定終止此優惠計劃,將會提前一年透過在法協的中心內張貼告示並在法協網址上公告。
  • 績分卡僅適用於卡上登記的學員使用,折扣優惠或印章不可轉讓。印章沒有任何貨幣價值,不能以任何形式當作現金兌換其他的產品、優惠或折扣。
  • 如有遺失,更換時需繳付HK$10手續費。
  • 法協績分卡的折扣不能與其他促銷優惠、折扣(如Early Bird)或現金券同時使用。
  • 香港法國文化協會保留隨時更改這些條款和規則的權利,恕不另行通知。
  • 如有任何爭議,香港法國文化協會保留最終缺定權。

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