Intermediate workshops A2

Learning French is a journey around the basics of the language but also skills that you can develop with Alliance Française: speaking, reading, writing, listening, grammar clinic, medias, conversation, exam preparation, etc. Please check our complete list of workshops.

french grammar intermediate workshops

Focus on Grammar - 2

Levels A201 to A206
Write smoothly with proper grammar ! Detailed explanation and revision of grammar rules will definitely improve your written skills! 

french phonetics intermediate workshops

Focus on Phonetics

Levels A1/A2

A201 to A207 Get more familiar with the sound of French and avoid common mistakes and misunderstandings.

french speaking intermediate workshops

Focus on Speaking

A203 to A206
Develop your conversational skills and strategies to face communication situations.

french daily expressions intermediate workshops french slangs

Focus on Speaking
Daily Expressions

From A203

Explanation and revision of nominal, verbal and idiomatic expressions required to definitely improve your written and spoken skills.

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