Workshops for Kids & Teens

When learning French with us at Alliance Française, you will acquire the basics of the language as well as specific communication skills. Our teachers are trained to design special workshops related to children's requirements: Reading and writing (grammaire et orthographe) for Francokids; exam preparation for the IGCSE, IB, DELF Junior or Prim exams.


6 - 10  years olds This workshop is dedicated to kids who can already speak fluently (with a French-speaking parent) and helps them master reading and writing skills. 
(français langue maternelle) An opportunity to learn and boost their grammar skills while having fun.
Focus on reading and writing.


11 - 16 years old
For teenagers fluent in French speaking. Francoteens will help your child master his/herwriting skills : grammar, diverse writing practices, essays...
(français langue maternelle)

IGCSE / IB Preparation

IGCSE / IB Our teachers will lead you through the exams requirements and give you tips to make the best out of both your strengths and weaknesses. 

DELF Prim Preparation

7 - 11 yo This Holiday Camp crash course offers your kids the opportunity to study and get ready for his/her exams with the help and tips of our teachers. 

DELF Junior Preparation

12 - 17 yo Study for your exams with less stress and more confidence thanks to this Holiday Camp crash course and our resourceful teachers!

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Regular (Kids & Teens)

10 weeks
One class of 1h30 per week

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