Language Workshops

Learning French is not only about acquiring the  language. You may also choose to develop specific skills and focus on certain fields and topics with Alliance Française, such as  Grammar clinic, Arts and Civilisation, Literature, Conversation, Medias, Phonetics and Speaking, Press, Writing, Exam Preparation, etc.

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For Kids and Teens

These workshops are meant for Francokids (French-speaking kids who wish to perfect their writing skills) or for kids who wish to get ready for their official exams

Beginner workshops A1

These workshops, intended for beginners, will help you consolidate the basics of French and give you a solid ground to stand on : grammar clinic. 

Intermediate workshops A2

Practice specific areas of French to get more familiar with the language and speak with more ease.  

Independent workshops B1

Deepen your knowledge of core areas or discover new interesting topics of French culture

Advanced workshops B2

Explore cultural and compelling topics and get immersed into the culture as well as the language. 

Proficient workshops C1

Improve your knowledge of French through the study of specific topics and areas of interest : arts, literature, philosophy... 

Exam preparation

Available now for Teens

Prepare official French exams (DELF, DALF, IGSCE, IB, TCF) and get your level recognize internationally.

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