How to simplify your life by reducing your waste

AFHK Library, Jordan
Wednesday, April 10
7 - 8:30 pm
Free event please register

 We are pleased to welcome French entrepreneur and public speaker Fanny Moritz for an engaging talk on waste reduction.

During this positive and guilt-free talk, Fanny Moritz will bring you concrete solutions on how you could reduce your daily waste. Indeed, recycling isn’t the only solution, we need to reduce our waste first. After speaking about the 5R rules that allow you to reduce your bin by 90%, she will explain how we can minimize our waste at work and during travelling.

Making the world a better place is not the single benefit that this lifestyle will bring. Following this Zero Waste approach, you will realise that it will improve your health, and make you save time and money.

Convinced? Feel free to discover our Zero Waste essentials after the talk.

A deliverable will be sent to you after the talk with all the info you need, including websites, books, apps, as well as discount codes with local brands.


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