Poetry Night with Chung-hing

Date: 28 Feb 2024, 7:00pm - 8:00pm GMT+8 Hong Kong

AF Library, Jordan Centre
 Wednesday, 28 February, 2024
7 - 8 pm 
Screening, Music, Poetry reading in French ; Q/A in French, English, and Cantonese
   For all ages
Free : RSVP

From Hong Kong to Paris: Explore the Poetic and Artistic World of Chung-hing

Chung-hing is a prominent figure in Hong Kong literature. Local audience would probably know her by her nom de plume Green Rider綠騎士), under which she has published 16 works in Chinese.

Living in Paris since 1977, Chung-hing continues to write and paint. It is within the French culture that she fulfills her artistic potential through a fusion with her Far Eastern roots. She has since published four illustrated poetry collections in French. In art, literature and music, she continues to search for harmony between Human, Nature and Spirituality.

Incidentally, she is an alumna of Alliance Française de Hong Kong. She will join us again on Zoom, and accompanied iby her daughter Véronique Gosselin and the musician Eugène Leung (oudist) at the AF Library, read with us some of her favourite poems in Chants de voyage旅曲).

An 18-minute narrated video collage based on À ta recherche尋找你)will also be projected.

About the Book: À ta recherche

Published in 2019, À ta recherche  retraces a life path inspired by 40 years of painting. Marked by a humanist philosophy, the text and graphic works seek a place in the ages of existence, the eternal revolution of the four seasons and the pursuit of beauty. This book encourages all those who pursue their dreams with curiosity, freedom and a love of life.

About the Book: Chants de voyage

Go where your heart is carrying you is the underlying echo that crosses these Chants de voyage. Each course is a challenge to oneself. From discoveries to encounters littered with wonders and perils, a "peregrine" reaches new horizons.

Chung-hing is passionate about the kaleidoscope of the world. From her own journeys, from those of others and through his favorite novels, the poems capture the very essence of these journeys, so often strewn with humanity. They are borrowed from an East-West cross look whose fruit is a balance between dynamism and serenity. 

About Chung-hing

Born and raised in Hong Kong, Chung-hing has been passionate about literature and painting. After earning a Bachelor's degree in Chinese and English Literature from the University of Hong Kong, she studied at the École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts in Paris. 

Her artistic journey began as early as her adolescence when she submitted comics and writings to The Chinese Student Weekly中國學生周報). Under her nom de plume Green Rider, she has published a dozen of collections of short stories and essays, such as The Song of Green Rider綠騎士之歌)and The Wake of the Mute Kite啞箏之醒). 

She has published in French since 2013, with 4 illustrated poetry collections to date. She has also illustrated a number of picture and graphic books. 

Her works have appeared in multiple exhibitions in France and in Hong Kong.

Personal Website : http://chunghing.free.fr/index.htm 

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