(FULL) Shadow Play : La Maison la Nuit

Médiathèque / AF Library, Jordan Centre
Samedi, 11 mars / Saturday,
11 March
3:30pm - 4:00pm
Sans dialogue / no dialogue
Tout public / for all ages 
Gratuit ; RSVP obligatoire / Free ; RSVP necessary


Shadow Play 


During the day in the house a little and sweet family lives its life, just like millions of others. However, at nightfall a band of monsters take over the place to go about their own business. In a light and poetic staging, an atypical musical tape made especially for the universe of this comic book tells us about this strange cohabitation. The play of shadows and lights shows us the world of humans and the one of monsters. And even if fear is the inevitable line between the two sides, things are not that bad when the line is crossed...

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