Cooking Workshop : Îles Flottantes

AF Library, Jordan Centre
Thursday, June 16th 
7:00 - 8:30 pm

In English with occasional French words / translation
 For adults only 
$280 - 20% off for AF  members 

A simple and yet sophisticated French dessert: floating islands!

Airy, delicious and invented during the 1900s by one of the central figures of haute cuisines in France - Auguste Escoffier, les îles flottantes perfectly combine the crunchy texture of poached merigues and the sweet taste of vanilla custard floating on top. The delicate dessert exists in many home kitchens and bistros in France nowadays. They are also a traditional comfort food that may evoke childhood memories of many French, with the nickname of les oeufs a la neige

Although the ingredient list may be short with mainly eggs (des oeufs) and sugars (du sucre), this dessert requires full attentions in order to attain its most excellent flavor and appearance! They are internationally popular with many variations in their recipes; the most classical ones are served cold with caramel sauce and topped with chopped toasted almonds!

Join us and with our French teacher and passionate cook Betty Grisoni, learn more about the stories and how to make them! Bon appétit ! 

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