HKFFF Screening - Goodbye, Children - Au revoir les enfants

AF Library, Jordan Centre
November 28th,  3 - 4:46 pm
In French with English subtitles
RSVP necessary: $50 for public; 20% off for AF members

Au revoir les enfants 《童年再見》

Free seating 不設劃位

1987 | 106 mins | Drama
Colour | France
In French with English subtitles

Director:Louis Malle
Cast:Raphaël Fejto, Gaspard Manesse, François Négret, Francine Racette

German-occupied France, 1944. Julien travels to a boarding school in the countryside after vacation. New student Jean arrives at the school and they become best friends. Julien later discovers that Jean is Jewish and the priests are hiding him from the Nazis. Julien keeps the secret. Soon, the Gestapo arrives at school to investigate…

1944 年,德軍佔領時期的法國。悠長假期完結了後,Julien 來到郊區的一所寄宿學校。新同學 Jean 來臨,而他倆也成了好朋友。Julien 後來發現 Jean 竟是猶太人,而學校裡的神父則負責掩護他,避免他被納粹帶走。Julien 保守秘密。然而,蓋世太保很快就前來學校調查……

Best Film and Best Cinematography - Cesar Awards 1988

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