Le Siffleur - The Whistler (16th June)

French May Arts Festival 2024:
Le Siffleur

The Whistler is Fred Radix – a comedian, musician, and uncanny whistling talent who brings offbeat humour and jaw-dropping musicianship to every show.   In his Hong Kong debut, he performs a sweeping canon of beloved classics, from Bizet to Mozart to Singing in the Rain. He'll charm you into whistling along through his masterful music, tap-dancing, and storytelling. His antics and artistry are funny, fresh, relevant and impertinent.

Radix is the founder of Les Mange-Cailloux, a musical and comedy company that has performed six original shows over 700 times across a dozen countries and a huge number of festivals.  He reflects: ‘As long as I can remember, I've been whistling from morning ‘til night. After twenty years of touring, I had the idea to bring whistling and comedy together. With each new show I create, I choose a new discipline that serves as the basis for the comic writing of my character and its interactivity with the audience. Coming from street theatre, I like this direct communication. It breaks the fourth wall and the barriers that this character erects at the beginning of the performance, placing "whistled music" as an erudite art reserved for specialists. This show allows everyone to be an expert on classical music. I love being The Whistler.'

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