Gaby Deslys: The Fabulous Destiny of The First Music Hall Star (13th June)

French May Arts Festival 2024:
Gaby Deslys: The Fabulous Destiny of the First Music Hall Star (Musical)

For his new show, Jean-Christophe Born has chosen to tell the story of Marseille’s own Gaby Deslys: the most famous Music Hall performer from the beginning of the 20th century.

As a singer, dancer, and actress with a dazzling personality and unique talent, Marie-Elise Gabrielle Claire pursued a career as a stage artist over a bourgeois marriage to achieve freedom and financial independence. From her early days at Parisian venues like Parisiana, Alhambra, Cigale, Folies Bergère, and Moulin Rouge, she swiftly ascended the ladder of fame, captivating audiences in Paris, London, Vienna, and New York. The influence of originality and magnetism can be seen in the careers of subsequent artists like Mae West, Mistinguett, Josephine Baker, Line Renaud, and Lady Gaga.

Born in 1881, in Marseille, she debuted in Paris around 1900 and later expanded her success to London and New York, forming a romantic and professional partnership with American dancer Harry Pilcer. They triumphed in New York with the revue Stop! Look! Listen! in 1910, introducing jazz to France in 1917 with the iconic ‘descent of the stairs’ at the Casino de Paris.

During World War I in 1918, Gaby and Harry sought refuge in Marseille's famous Villa Gaby. Gaby also ventured into films like Her Triumph and Le Dieu du hasard. Sadly, she succumbed to pneumonia on 11 February 1920, at the age of 39, resting at the Saint-Pierre Cemetery in Marseille. Despite her wish to donate part of her vast fortune and the villa to the city for a children's hospital, this dream remained unfulfilled

Theater, laughter, emotion, singing, music, dancing, pearls, feathers, and sequins ! Immerse yourself in this period which goes from the Belle Epoque to the Roaring Twenties with Louise Larret (Gaby Deslys) and Jean-Christophe Born (Manuel de Bragance and Harry Pilcer), and on the piano by the amazing Mark Nadler, straight from Broadway, in the role of the pianist Eugène

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