4 Learning Resources To Learn French

Learning French can be challenging, and at Alliance Francaise we like to make sure our students and members make the most of their privileges to stay on a steady learning curve!

Here are some useful resources and tools for you to practice and explore the French language and culture at your very own pace outside of the classroom:

An extensive collection of items suitable for every age and language level. Our library provides many opportunities for students of all levels to practice their French through regular activities such as Book Clubs, Writing Workshops, Language Exchanges tables, monthly Cineclub screenings and many more cultural events.

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Over 400 magazines, 1,000 e-books, 200 comics, 450 videos and 370 learning materials, audio books and podcasts accessible 24/7 from your laptop, table or mobile device. FREE unlimited access if you are member or student.

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A great online solution that follows your progresses with daily interaction and a powerful supporting platform. Each day a fun new video is proposed along with comprehension exercises, and immediate feedback. 1 Month FREE if you are member or student.

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A space, entirely in French, where you can discuss some topics (What is your favourite restaurant in Hong Kong? Which French song would you recommend to your friends?) and improve your writing skills in a very casual way with our teachers.

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Not student at Alliance Francaise Hong Kong?  You can still enjoy selected resources and exclusive benefits too! Check out our membership options to learn more.

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