Online French Courses

Studying online is a convenient way either to start learning or to practice a language. We offer both Online Groups or Private Tuition packages.

Fully Online course are launched providing an alternative solution to students who would like to continue their French class in an online format.

Two tools : ZOOM for online class + LMS (learning management system - platform) for studying French after/before the class.
The fully online course includes live sessions on ZOOM which allow speaking, listening, and interactions with teachers and fellow students. Writing and grammatical activities will take place on LMS - Platform : Student PORTAL,  the online class. 

1. You will receive by email the ZOOM link from your teachers
2. You have access automatically to STUDENT PORTAL with your AF website login. 

Winter Term: Online adults courses

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Winter Term: Online Teenagers Courses

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Winter Term: Online Kids 2 Courses

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AF Student Portal 

Say bonjour to your new student portal! As a part of improving your French-learning experience, your new student portal allows you to manage your enrolment, check your homework, course progression and practice your writing / reading skills. You can view your study schedule and download completion certificates, quickly and easily. 

Student Portal
Student Portal

To access the Student Portal, click on the button circled in red in the picture below. Another way to access the portal, please watch the videos below (please turn on the subtitles).

Additional Tool : Frantastique Daily online class

We have partnered with Frantastique, to offer 1 Month Free Trial delivering daily short, personalized and fun lessons to all AF students.

Frantastique is a great online platform that follows your progresses and provide you with daily exercise. Subscribe now to enjoy 1 Month Free Trial.
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Each day you'll receive a lesson adapted to your needs, capabilities and goals.
Once it's completed, you'll immediately receive personalized corrections and explanations.
Your lessons are customized based on your strengths and weaknesses.

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