Learn French with your children with our special resources

"1,2,3… Tivi5monde"  is an Educational Kit which combines Alliance Française's teaching of French and digital resources created by the French TV network TV5MONDE.

Watch the cartoons of Tivi5Monde channel and play in French with the flashcards and games from the educational kit.

Explanation: What if teachers and parents used cartoons, television reports for kids or documentaries on animals to teach their students and kids a few French words? As one opens the idea box 1, 2, 3… Tivi5monde, they discover learning activities, card games, images, dice and even a paper fortune teller that can all be used as class material for children aged 3 to 11-years-old. The activities are easy and fun: we watch TV, talk using flashcards, play with words and sounds, express ourselves with our body.

Special Offer 

A pack full of ideas:
1, 2, 3… Tivi5monde by TV5MONDE Asia Pacific

 Youth digital offer (3 months of subscription) and its new educational kit - 300 HKD

The kit is fairly easy to use: an internet connection, a video projector (or a computer, tablet or smartphone), speakers… and you are all set!

The videos are children’s TV programmes available on the TV5Monde channel.
The activities have been designed for use with any episode of a programme.

Please know that the "1, 2, 3… Tivi5monde" kit should be retrieved at one of our centres: Wanchai, Jordan or Shatin.

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