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Choose amongst 4 different offers / paces to cover 2 levels of our Adult Classes curriculum:

6h per week, 60 hours in 10 weeks: 3 hours x 2 times/week, various combinations possible.
9h per week, 60 hours in 7 weeks: 3 hours x 3 times/week, Mon-Wed-Fri.
15h per week, 60 hours in 4 weeks: 3 hours x 5 times/week, Mon to Fri.
30h per week, 60 hours in 2 weeks: 6 hours x 5 times/week, Mon to Fri.

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Available Courses: 4

A1 Beginner

Discover the basics of French.
For complete Beginners to Elementary level. Four sub-levels to complete the first learning stage: A101 to A104
Complete beginner? Welcome! No prior assessment needed. You can enroll in our A101 classes.
After this full A1 level, students will be able to introduce yourself, express likes and dislikes, describe activities, know numbers, time, days of the week...
You can subscribe to A1 workshops after completing A102.
Available Courses: 1

B1 Independent

For Independent level.
Six sub-levels to complete the third learning stage: B101 to B106 Independent
Not sure about your level? Please contact us for a short level assessment with one of our Teachers to help you find the right course.
Topical workshops for the curious minds and the extroverts (Grammar clinics, Focus on conversation, phonetics, art, culture, TV5MONDE,  current affairs…) are offered as well.

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