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For Autonomous level
Courses for individuals who can communicate and interact fluently in French.

Various courses to choose from:
Regular Courses C1 Autonomous Part 1 to Part 4.
Topical Workshops courses for the curious minds (Current Affairs, Découvrir le cinema, Arts et civilisations, Découvrir la littérature, TV5MONDE, Philosophie...) are offered as well.
DALF C1 exam preparation course, to sit for the official examination and have an international recognition of your level in French.
For General Courses, we use the Textbook Edito C1
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C1 Autonomous - Part 1

Autonomous - Part 1 (C101)
Dans ce niveau, les élèves travailleront les unités : « Séries Mania », et « SOS, sens critique ».

Prerequisite : B2 Advanced – Part 8 (B208) or Placement test
Required Course Material
  • Edito C1 (Textbook and Exercise) ($450.00 HKD)

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