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Your previous selection: A2 Intermediate

For Intermediate level
6 levels to complete the second learning stage: A201 to A206 Intermediate .
And/or a choice of workshops covering various levels.
Not sure about your level? Please contact us for a short level assessment with one of our Teachers to help you find the right course.
Several workshops are also offered at this level: Phonetics, Oral, Conversation courses and Grammar clinic.
You will be able to converse daily in a simple way,  to talk about your family, your relationships, your work, to speak with past and future tenses, conditional mode, If-clauses... to read and understand short articles or TV reports.
After A206, prepare and sit for the DELF A2 exam, an official and international recognition of their level in French.
For General Courses, we use the Textbook Edito A2
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Available Courses: 2

A2 Intermediate - Part 1

A2 Intermediate - Part 1
In this level (A201), you will learn how to speak about yourself, about your hobbies and your past life experiences.

Prerequisite: A1 Beginner - Part 4 (A104) or placement test
Required Course Material
  • Edito A2 (Textbook and Exercise) ($360.00 HKD)
Recommended Course Material
  • Grammaire Progressive du Français (Intermediate) ($340.00 HKD)
  • Grammaire Progressive du Français (Intermediate) - Keys ($180.00 HKD)
Available Courses: 1

A2 Intermediate - Part 2

A2 Intermediate - Part 2
In this level (A202) , you will learn how to live in original place, how to discover Paris from old, present and future time, how to imagine a future and a connected way.

Prerequisite: A2 Intermediate - Part 1 (A201) or Placement test
Available Courses: 1

A2 Intermediate - Part 3

A2 Intermediate - Part 3 (A203)
In this level, you will learn how to speak about your health and learn all about medicine and body vocabulary. You will learn about original restaurants in France and the way they fight food wasting.

Prerequisite: A2 Intermediate - Part 2 (A202) or Placement test

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