Performance Details 

23 June 2019
8:00 - 8:45  PM
Fringe Dairy @ Fringe Club

23 June 2019
9:00 - 10:00  PM (DJ Set)
Fringe Underground @ Fringe Club


With HAUTE, everything goes hand in hand.

French duo halfway between Electronic R&B and Soulful Pop, Anna Majidson and Blasé were meant to be. Both born in France but raised on the other side of the Atlantic, the pair cultivates the same cultural background, made of a French heritage and teenage years fed with the American Pop Culture, especially Hip-hop and R&B.

It was HAUTE fate that they would cross paths in Montreal. In 2013, both decided to join McGill University to study music and philosophy among other subjects. Same curriculum, same influences, by chance they would even live in the same street … but as in every good 2010s fairy tale, Anna and Blasé would eventually meet through the Internet, thanks to an ad that Blasé had posted on a Facebook page dedicated to McGill’s musicians. It is in Paris that they would actually meet in real life, once again by accident.

The name HAUTE is a reflection of “their roots but also a certain grandeur and elegance a la française while staying relevant to an English-speaking environment”. It also stands for the confluence of various influences, musical genres, cultures and talents. Blasé and Anna work hand in hand on every track: they write, compose and record together in perfect symbiosis.

Spotted by Sofitel Hotels, they wrote “Réverie”, the signature song of the famous brand and brought it to life in an unplugged session video available. “Réverie” is played in Sofitel hotels worldwide.

HAUTE presents its newest single “Shut Me Down”, a track which stands out with a subtle combination of hazy synths, funky guitars, swinging percussions and smooth vocals. All these elements highlight the lyrics counting the story of the end of a relationship and the pain that comes with it, giving birth to sensual cut with a compelling groove.


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