Wine tasting : The art of smelling

AFHK Library, Jordan
April 19, 2018

This one of a kind Wine Workshop takes you on a fabulous voyage to the land of scents. It aims to be a moment of sensory and playful sharing. Leave your concerns at the door: to understand a wine all you need is your nose!

L'Ecole du Nez is for all wine lovers who are looking for a new approach to wine-tasting. Its goals are to help them understand how the brain perceives tastes and to perfect their olfactory sense.

The workshop will be held and presented by Léa Desportes, Head of Training for Editions Jean Lenoir.

Workshop outline:

  • How the sense of smell works: an olfactory trip in our brain
  • From vine to glass: the origin of the aromas of wine
  • nosing raw materials to discover wine aromas
  • Sampling a white wine and a red wine: nosing and tastingThe workshop will be followed by a little cocktail

About Edition Jean Lenoir:

Since 1980, the Edition Jean Lenoir have been the reference in the wine industry thanks to the 54 Aroma Master Kit Jean Lenoir has developed. It is the choice of wineries, educators, merchants and true wine lovers the world over. Check online their website.

In 2016, after 35 years of exploring the world of scents and creating book-objects for perfecting the sense of smell, the Edition Jean Lenoir have decided to go farther by opening a school.
The Ecole du Nez is intended for all professionals and amateurs, whether experienced or beginners, who wish to receive an education in wine-tasting.

You can book online or at AF reception desks.
35 people maximum. Workshop filled on a first come first served basis. Seats are limited, it is highly recommended to book in advance.

More information about our event partner :

Edition Jean Lenoir

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