Fast track courses for Teens and Kids Holiday and more...

Sub Categories

A2.1 Intermediate (Teens) - T200+

$5,000.00 HKD
Approx $644.29 USD

Product Code: ETE/21-T200+(A2 TEENS)-JDN-(12345)-10:00/12:00 (4 weeks)-Explor

A2.1 Intermediate (Teens) + Cooking workshop

$3,750.00 HKD
Approx $483.22 USD

Product Code: ETE/21-T200+/COOKING-JDN-(12345)-10:00/16:00-July-Explore 2 202

A2.1 Intermediate Teens - T200+/Focus on Grammar & Speaking

$3,750.00 HKD
Approx $483.22 USD

Product Code: ETE/21-T200+/Grammar&Speaking-JDN-(12345)-10:00/12:30-Explo

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