Sauté de veau aux champignons

$250.00 HKD
Approx $32.17 USD



AF Library, Jordan Centre
December 5th, 7 - 9 pm
In English and French 
SOLD OUT  HK$ 250 - 20% discount for AF members and students -

When one thinks of French traditional cuisine, they first think about pastries like croissants rather than actual typical meals. To rectify the situation, let's learn how to make a classic French winter dish! I know, winter seems to be quite far away- but in France, fall is getting much colder these days and granny's soups are back.

During this cooking class, we will focus on Sauté de veau aux champignons. It is sauce dish that includes veal (veau), mushrooms (champignons), and lots of cream. You will notice that is it cooked with wine, as French cuisine often goes. The recipe is quite simple, and it will help you combine the pleasure of cooking (and eating!) to your practice of French. Join us and become a commis chef!

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