Introduction to watercolor - Day 1

$200.00 HKD
Approx $25.73 USD

Only 11 left!


AF Library, Jordan Centre
12 and 19 August
3-4:30 pm
In French
HK$ 200  for the two parts 

The event has been unfortunately postponed due to sanitary concerns. Stay tuned for the latest arrangement.

August 12th
3-4:30 pm
 Introduction to watercolor for kids and teenagers. There are two parts for this workshop - On 12/8 and 19/8. 

Paint with us to have a relaxing afternoon! Severine Richet will be your trainer. Watercolor is a style of painting which is light on paper with transparent colors done with water. In this introductory workshop you will be able to discover the basic techniques of watercolor, such as the perfect combination of water and colors.
When we paint, quoting from Bob Ross, “we don't make mistakes, just happy little accidents”. So, let’s explore our inner world and express ourselves with painting!


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