(11/5) Wine Tasting : An Organic Story - Part 2

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AF Library, Jordan Centre
, 11 May, 2023
7 - 8:30 pm
 In English with some French
 For adults only
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Champagne, Burgundy, Rhone Valley and Bordeaux in one go!


Eric Sautedé
WSET Advanced Certificate L3

David Rouault
WSET Advanced Certificate L3

Terroirs : (derived from the Latin word terra) meaning earth, land, soil...
Vignoble: vineyard 

Organic wines inexorably continued to gain ground in the past two years, as vineyards either in organic viticulture or in the midst of being converted now represent 20% of all vineyards in France (2021), covering over 160,000 hectares (+16.5% compared to 2001). Even though Gironde, in the South-West, tops the French “départements” with the most vineyards in organic wine-growing, organic wine-growing and organic wine-making are taking ground all over the country. This workshop will aim once more at understanding better how organic, biodynamic or simply “natural” wines are made, and what benefits they bring.

Instead of focusing on a particular region, we will explore this time carefully selected winemakers from four great wine-making regions in France – Champagne, Burgundy (Bourgogne), Rhone Valley (la vallée du Rhône) and Bordeaux. We will argue that a growing concern for health and the environment is fully compatible with the typicality of grape varieties and the true embodiment of terroirs.

The five wines, including one Champagne, of this workshop are provided by Wine for Health:

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