The Streets of Lockdown - Exhibition

This show will introduce eleven established and emerging French street artists to Hong Kong viewers and collectors. After having presented them in past exhibitions and for The French May 2020, these artists are coming up with new artworks especially for this occasion. This group exhibition will highlight their personal works, their evolution within the past year and their personal backgrounds from the French perspective – with colorful and impactful artworks made within these difficult times.

This group show’s main goal is to present the diversity of their street artworks and their different skills as they all come from myriads of artistic
backgrounds. The selection was made by L’Epicerie Fine HK to present a diverse French street art scene from various different regions of France.

More than fifty artworks will be presented at the exhibition, with a large array of different skills such as spray painting, stencil art, collages, acrylic on canvas to fine art prints and limited edition works. Artist such as Kurar or Binokl will be presented for the first time ever in Hong Kong, alongside with others who have previously presented with us such as Ardif, Tim Marsh, Romain Froquet and Jo Di Bona with completely new works.

Date: 8 May - 6 Jun 2021
Venue: The Stallery
Address: 82A Stone Nullah Lane, Wan Chai, Hong Kong
Tickets: Free Admission

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french may hk program exhibition
french may hk program exhibition

french may hk program exhibition
french may hk program exhibition

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