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digital tools to learn french language

Since the beginning of the pandemic outbreak in 2020, education institutions and students have been struggling with switching face-to-face to online learning. Frequent questions towards the effectiveness of online learning are raised. It is also known to be beneficial to introduce kids to online learning at an earlier stage.

In spite of the hesitations and raised questions, why don’t we seize the opportunity to explore different ways to learn French online effectively? Digital tools and distance learning could be powerful and bring numerous advantages with designated pedagogy strategies. Undoubtedly, online learning has now become a global trend and as a compulsory element in education.

Alliance Francaise Hong Kong has adapted its pedagogy strategies, where new techniques range from the French course structure to teaching style, and from learning pace to in-class activities, in order to maintain a high quality online learning experience.  Our outstanding experience in digital teaching is widely recognised by other  institutions to provide professional trainings to their teachers. Positive feedback has also been received from students concerning their online learning experience and outcomes. 

Learn French with us Learn French with us

In this article, we summarise 8 online teaching and learning tools. Let’s manage it and learn better together!

1. Zoom

Of course, we know Zoom and other live video conferencing platforms are essential in online teaching. Zoom includes useful features such as breakout rooms that facilitate small group discussions, annotation on shared screen, and whiteboard functions. 

learn french online with alliance francaise

2. Alliance Francaise Student Portal

As a student at Alliance Francaise, how can we forget our student portal? On your student portal, you can find your registered courses and the course materials over the years. Even if you have paused learning French for a while, you can pick up anytime from where you left off. 

Check our video to know more about Alliance Francaise Student Portal ! 

If you have paused French learning for a long while, we also recommend that you take our French placement tests in order to determine your French level and look for the best suiting class.  

Take the Test Now!  Take the Test Now! 

3. Google for Education : Drive, slide, doc...

Easy access to learning materials and resources is important in online learning. Google Drive provides a free online platform for teachers and students to circulate and collaborate on the documents. It is also good for annotating and commenting writing exercise with Google Doc for later revision. Remember to name and file the documents well so you can revisit them with greater ease! 

4. YouTube

As an online streaming and video sharing platform, YouTube allows us to upload effective educational audiovisual resources. It is good to revise listening skills with Alliance Francaise’s Learn French channel, especially after class.

AFHK YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMigW2mG_eye-_m9zDH_E8w
Learn French in Hongkong: https://www.youtube.com/c/LearnFrenchinHongkong 

5. Padlet 

Alliance Francaise Hong Kong applies project-based learning tools for assessment, of course we have our way to make homework interesting too. Padlet is a real-time collaborative learning platform for students to upload content, photos, video and documents, and organise in different formats without registration and signing-in. Homework can be so creative and interactive!

Our teachers and students love it, don't you? 

6. Kahoot!

If you are a student or alumni of Alliance Francaise Hong Kong, you should be familiar with Kahoot!. Kahoot! is a game-based online learning platform where teachers can tailor questions or employ the question bank for students and receive results immediately. Teachers can also download the data afterwards to review students' performance and understanding.

What can be better to play, learn and evaluate at once on the same platform?

7. LearningApps

Other than listening skills, you might also want to do some language and grammar exercises. LearningApps offers a wide range of free online French grammar exercises, allowing you to practice using tenses and conjugation!

8. Pear Deck

Pear Deck is a plugin on Google Slides specifically designed for education needs. It designs slides and elements for different educational purposes, including bell ringers and real-time polling functions. With the help of the functions, AFHK enhances teacher-learners-content interaction despite distance learning. 

Have you used other useful tools in your French lessons? How to be successful in online French learning in your opinion? Share your online learning experience with us by commenting below. Share this article with your classmates and friends to spread the happiness of learning French with Alliance Francaise Hong Kong!

Learn French Now! Learn French Now!

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