New Acquisitions June 2021

This month, AF librarians present us with a few of their newest titles, acquired throughout Spring! Here are some highlights from different genres and media, ranging from DVDs and art books to novels and comic books.

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La météo d'Elmer
David McKee

What is the weather like? Elmer the Patchwork Elephant (Elmer l’éléphant bariolé) will help you make a guess in another of his many adventures.

For 0 to 3 year-olds

On dit bonjour !
Émile Jadoul

Rabbit wakes up, and looks outside: "Hello, Sun! Hello, favorite tree! Have you slept well?" Neither the Sun nor the tree answer, which is normal: they don't speak. What is going to happen next, when Rabbit encounters a bear and a ladybug?

For 3 to 6 year-olds

Voyage au pays des monstres
Claude Ponti

Board the bus 84 for a magic adventure throughout a transformed Paris and discover many of Léopold Chauveau’s (1870-1940) monsters, exhibited at Musée d'Orsay! This is the latest work by Claude Ponti, one of the most famous French authors of children books, published in collaboration with Musée d'Orsay!

For 6 to 8 year-olds

Lucky Luke: Un Cow-boy dans le coton
Jul & Achdé

The classical Western series Lucky Luke is back! In the new adventure, the famous gunslinger who “shoots faster than his own shadow” goes to Louisiana. There, he faces racism, and teams up with Bass Reeves, the first African-American marshall in US history.

Interfeel (Vol. 3) 
Antonin Atger

What if anyone could share her or his emotions through a social network called “Interfeel”? The third volume of Antonin Atger’s sci-fi youth novel series.

Le Ballon Rouge 
Albert Lamorisse (dir.)

A classic by Albert Lamorisse. Taking place in the 1950s Ménilmontant area of Paris, this movie will delight kids and adults alike.

Miroir de nos peines
Pierre Lemaitre

After Au revoir là-haut (2013 Goncourt Prize), taking place in the aftermath of WWI, and Couleurs de l'incendie (2018), this is the third novel of Pierre Lemaitre's trilogy. Its background is the 1940 "Exodus" (L'Exode), when several million French refugees fled the German invasion.

« Je ne serais pas arrivée là si... »
Annick Cojean 

For the newspaper Le Monde, journalist Annick Cojean interviewed 30 women: writers, musicians and singers, actresses, politicians, or academics, asking them about the life-changing events which led them to be who they are now.

L'inconnu de la poste
Florence Aubenas

True crime: A postwoman is brutally murdered. Who is this mysterious killer? Thomassin, once a rising star in French cinema (Best Young Male Actor of Césars 1991), is the number 1 suspect. Renowned journalist Florence Aubenas spent 7 years investigating the incident, and in a way reminiscent of Truman Capote, painted a picture of a French village shaken by this horror, showing all the repercussions for the victims and suspects, authorities and inhabitants.

Olympe de Gouges
Catel & Bocquet 

After Kiki de Montparnasse and Josephine Baker, this is another graphic novel by Catel & Bocquet, also dedicated to the real life story of a fascinating female figure: Olympe de Gouges (1748-1793), who was a ground-breaking feminist intellectual during the French Revolution. 


Cartoonist Luz survived the Charlie Hebdo terrorist attack of 2015, because he was late for work that day. In this book, he recounts memories of his career at the satirical newspaper throughout over two decades, and pays a moving homage to his late colleagues Cabu, Wolinski, or Charb, who will all remain "Indélébiles": lasting and impossible to erase.

Chansons de Gainsbourg en bandes dessinées (Level B2)

Legendary singer Serge Gainsbourg passed away thirty years ago. Revisit some of his most famous songs, this time in a comic book format! From "Le Poinçonneur des Lilas" to "Aux Armes, et caetera", and from "La Javanaise" to "Je suis venu te dire que je m'en vais". 

Bouli Lanners (dir.)

Belgian actor Bouli Lanners is famous for his roles in numerous French comedies, but he is also a director with a very personal style. In this biting and absurd road-movie, two characters, a car salesman and a burgler, are brought together in a journey across Wallonia. 

La vie et rien d'autre
(Life and Nothing But) 

Bertrand Tavernier (dir.)

Director Bertrand Tavernier passed away this year in March. In this 1989 movie, he focuses on the aftermath of WWI's bloodshed, as an army officer is tasked with finding the identities of unknown dead soldiers, while two women look for their lost loved ones. Featuring actors Philippe Noiret and Sabine Azéma.

Le Havre
Aki Kaurismäki (dir.)

In this movie, shot in French in the port city of Le Havre, in Normandy, Finnish director Aki Kaurismäki pays an interesting homage to Nouvelle Vague style, but also reflects on more contemporary issues, such as illegal migrations across the Channel.

Dix pour Cent
(In English: Call my agent!)
Seasons 3 & 4

The last two seasons of a show featuring a talent agency, with famous actors playing comedic versions of themselves.

(In English: Spiral)
Season 8

The latest season of the French legal drama series about a Paris courthouse that became an export success, being broadcast in over 70 countries. 

Un Village français
Season 2 (1941)

Also a very popular TV show, Un Village français takes place in the fictional town of Villeneuve, during the German occupation. Either collaborating, resisting, or simply surviving, characters are all faced with difficult choices.

La France et ses esclaves
Frédéric Régent

Slavery and its legacy have been debated in France, especially since the 2001 law that declared slavery a crime against humanity. Aimed at a large public and written by one its specialists, this book covers the two centuries of French slavery's complex history, throughout all colonies under French domination.

21 Penseurs pour 2021

Environmental collapse, worldwide sanitary crisis, terrorist attacks, rise of populism,... Some of the most pressing issues of our time are at the center of this book, featuring the contributions of famous thinkers such as Arjun Appadurai, Michael Walzer, Martha Nussbaum, Bruno Latour, and Hartmut Rosa.

Cantopop : Brève histoire dela musique la plus populaire de Hong Kong
Yiu-Wai Chu

Originally published in 2017 by HKU Press, this concise history of Hong Kong’s most famous music style, written by academic Yiu-Wai Chu, was translated into French this year.

Le Gainsbook :
En studio avec Serge Gainsbourg

Sébastien Merlet

In this beautiful book, enter the recording studio alongside Serge Gainsbourg, and discover the behind-the-scenes of his songs and albums. Featuring the testimonies of those who contributed in the singer's work, as well as over 250 rare or previously unseen photos.


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