Comics Workshop with artist Alejandro Anzola-Jürgenson

Experience a new format of workshop and explore new ways to draw comics and tell stories.

Work from home, studying from home -- the year 2020 has indeed confined us at home for most of the time. Parents, for their part, also have to take care of their bored kids. Many events and activities would have been possible and indeed planned if not for the bizarre circumstances. We are hence looking for solutions.

On 26th August, the Médiathèque team, with IT assistance from many other colleagues, has sucessfully conducted an online comics workshop with 8 of our young participants aged 7-11. But of course, the star of the event, without whom none of this would have been possible, was our guest artist Alejandro Anzola-Jürgenson

We had sent out questionnaires beforehand to know more about the preferences in comics of our participants. The workshop started off by a brain-storming of comics genres and styles, with special mentions of the favourites of the youngsters. Then, we moved onto an indepth breakdown of the creation of an original story, with interludes of interactive activities, and finished with a practical drawing section at the end of which kids received feedbacks from our artist-instructor.

Next workshop for teens

If you missed this workshop, no worries! More workshops of the same kind are coming soon. We are going to have the second round on 17th September, designated for teenagers of 11-17 years old.

Sign up on the event page here. 

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