How to continue French language learning during pandemic?

4 tips on learning French at home

4 tips on learning french during pandemic

Let Alliance Française de Hong Kong share with you some language online learning tips, so that students can learn French at home and stay in touch with French culture!

In regards to the ongoing pandemic and the current sanitary situation in Hong Kong, the Education Bureau recently announced that Hong Kong students will have their “summer holiday” in March and April. Apart from the summer homework provided by teachers, how can parents help their children in language learning? How does one continue to learn French and maintain their French level despite school closings?  Alliance Française de Hong Kong shares with you some language online learning tips, also organised a wide-range of French courses and French classes, including special spring break intensive courses for kids and teens! 

The impact of the epidemic on learning

The COVID-19 epidemic has been raging around the world since 2020, and the United Nations (Nations Unies) also issued the Policy Brief: “Education during COVID-19 and beyond” (L’éducation en temps de COVID-19 et après) in August 2020. In addition to having a great impact on students' physical and mental health, the pandemic will also greatly disrupt the education sector, society, and even the overall economy in the long run.

In fact, for language learners, whether adults or children who learn French, continuous learning and practise is necessary if they wish to push forward their learning progress and master a new language. However, the ongoing pandemic has caused schools to switch online, or even suspend classes.

Facing the sudden change of learning mode, online self-learning driven by teachers, parents and students have become more crucial than ever. The ability to adapt to the online-offline (O2O) learning and working mode is also a long-term skill required globally.

4 tips on learning French at home online during pandemic

1. Read aloud

Reading is one of the best ways to learn a language, even from very early on in your language learning journey. It builds your vocabulary and helps you get a better hold of the language’s grammar and sentence structure. At the same time, reading aloud will improve your oral and aural skills.

There are many free online resources on learning French. For example, Le Petit Journal provides local news in French, whilst  Le Monde and Le Figaro are French journal agencies that cover French and world news.

If you are interested in literature and classics, you will find a great e-book library in The Gutenberg Project. Don't forget our abounding collection in Alliance Française's library and culturethèque e-library

2. Continue your French course online

Over time, it is easy to forget, especially at the time of school closings. Therefore, it is important to refresh your French knowledge on an on-going basis by continuing your French class online. Too hectic to fit in regular collective courses? AFHK also arranges Private Tuition where the course content is tailored to your goals and schedule.

Currently, all French courses of AFHK are online. However, Private Tuition may firstly switch to face-to-face classes when the situation and sanitary restrictions relax. 

1-on-1 French Lessons 1-on-1 French Lessons

3. Plan a personalised French learning schedule

Other than joining our regular and intensive French courses, setting your own study schedule will also do miracles to your French learning progress. By creating a personalised study plan, it allows you to assess your current level of French, set future goals and how to achieve them. Attaining your learning outcomes at a pace that is comfortable for you.

learn french online with alliance francaise

4. Enjoy your studies

Most importantly, enjoy the learning process! Find the fun in studying a new language, remind yourself why you started this journey of French learning. French classes in Alliance Française also adapt a diversed pedagogies and online tools, including the lastest launched student portal and online interactive activities, to achieve happy learning and facilitate better learning outcomes for students. 

Listen to some French music, watch a French film, read some French books, relax and enjoy! Language learning is always an interesting journey. 

In this challenging time of school closures, it is the perfect time for you or your children to start their French online learning journey. Regular courses are open to students of different French levels and ages, from Kids, to Teens and Adults. Alliance Française de Hong Kong also welcomes Macau students to register for our ONLINE French courses. Allez !

Learn French Now! Learn French Now!

Extended reading: « Education in a post-COVID world: nine ideas for public action » (L’éducation dans un monde post-Covid: Neuf idées pour l’action publique)

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