Take A Placement Test

Bienvenue à l'Alliance Française!

The key to mastering a new language and having a wonderful learning experience is to start with a class at your level!

Who should take the test? Learners who have already some knowledge of French - AF Students who have stopped their lessons in AF over 6 months - This test is reserved for adults

How it Works:

Step 1: Take the Written Test (approx 15 mins)
Try your best to answer the questions. For those that are beyond your level please don't be reluctant to leave questions unanswered.
You shouldn't seek for any kind of help to complete the test. Please complete the test within 20 minutes max.

Once submitted, we will contact you within 2 working days to schedule the oral assesment.

Step 2: Oral assessment with AF Teacher (approx 10 mins)
This short conversation in French will help our teacher assess your oral skills in order to place you at the right level.

Step 3:
Register for your Class
When the evaluation is completed, the teacher will recommend you a class and to help you navigate your options.
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HK$200 (Written + Oral) deductible from tuition fees upon registration at Alliance Française within 3 months. (Deduction can not be done for online registration) The payment has to be settled at Alliance Française before the oral assessment. 

*** 要學會一種新語言並享受學習的樂趣必先選擇適合自己程度的課程。



-      曾學法文的新生

-      於過去6個月沒有在本會上課的法協學生 -      只供成人參與

步驟1: 完成筆試 (約15分鐘)

步驟2: 於法協中心進行口試 (約10分鐘)

步驟3: 報讀課程


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