2020 - French Online 

Two tools : ZOOM for webmeeting + LMS (learning management system - platform) for studying French after/before the webmeeting. 

1. You will receive by email the ZOOM link from your teachers
1. For ADULTS, join our platform : HK in French
2. Join your group corresponding to your teacher and your level. 
3. You will receive an email from your teacher to plan the ZOOM (webmeeting) sessions. 
4. For TEENS and KIDS, join our HKids in French. Read below.

About our elearning strategies :  a word from our Director of Studies. (blog)

AF Students social network

Discover our social network HK in French for adult students. This is a space, entirely in French, where you can discuss some topics (What is your favourite restaurant in Hong Kong? Which French song would you recommend to your friends?) and improve your writing skills in a non-judgemental and friendly atmosphere. All the students, members, parent's students are invited. 

It can also be used as a blended-learning platform with distance learning/courses for private courses - level B1, B2, C1 to C2



HKids in French

Discover our social network HKids in French for teens and kids students.  All teens and kids students of Alliance Française are invited to join HKids in French, our dedicated online platform monitored by teachers.

Students can engage in forums, discussion threads and writing topics in French. A various range of topics are proposed every week: from textbooks resources to topics about French language, France and European cultures, as well as HK experiences.

All the videos can be watched on our HKids in Kids -  Youtube channel. 


Hkids in French
Youtube channel

Find all our Video resources for  Preschoolers / Kids 1 (ES101, 102, 104) / and Kids 2 (E100 / E200)



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