Tomii Chan

Performance Details 

21 June 2019
8:00 - 8:45  PM
The Jockey Club Studio Theatre @ Fringe Club


Born in 1992, Tomii Chan is a Hong Kong singer-songwriter. From his first funk band Tri-deuces (2013 – 2016) to the folk/alternative band Stranded Whale (since 2015), the background as a band member and once a pop session guitarist has helped to develop Tomii's skills in music production and guitar playing, as well as other instruments like bass and keyboard.

Tomii has a wide spectrum of musical influences. On one hand, his enthusiasm in older blues and soul music like Lightnin’ Hopkins and The Chambers Brothers, as well as traditional American country music like Hank Williams, have given him a certain profoundness through his simple songwriting. On the other hand, his interests in indie rock acts such as Radiohead and Bells Atlas have provided grounds for him to produce some sophisticated and progressive works.

Tomii released his debut album “Arrays” in August 2017, a compilation-like album showcasing his multi-genres influence. The second album “Not A Good Day To Die” was released in May 2018, emphasizing on the styles of folk, blues, and country music. The second album was finished as a mostly DIY effort. Tomii recorded and mixed nearly all tracks for it and published limited copies of 200 CDs under his own label Grand View Records, selling them mostly in live shows.

Tomii Chan did a four stops Taiwan tour in January 2019, gaining a few more outside audiences along the way.


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