Musical - Mer Calme

Y Theatre, Youth Square, Chai Wan
Thursday - Saturday, 11 May - 13 May 2023
8 - 10 pm
In French, with Chinese and English surtitles
360 HKD

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French May Jacques Offenbach Pomme d'Api afhk

Artistic and Musical Director: Nasthasia Faure
Choreographer: Kim Petersen
Director: Lam Wang Ming- Stéphane Lam, Karine Yoakim-Pasquier

When a solar storm hits the holiday resort Mer Calme, located on a small island in Southeast Asia, everyone, tourists, and staff alike, see their daily lives turned upside down. There is no electricity, no internet, and no food supply. Therefore, they will have to inhabit together, for better or for worse. 

In a musical atmosphere, find colourful characters who will make you think about our dependence on technology in our modern society. 

Mer Calme is a musical that asks essential questions about the functioning of our time, punctuated by the most beautiful songs of various French artists of yesterday and today.

A play with six characters with very different personalities who will have to learn to live together for better and for worse!

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Photo-credit : Marion Delucée

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