Donkey Skin

May 15 - June 30 2020
Free event 

Peau d’âne


Fairy tale, Musical

1970 • Color 彩色 • 85 min • France法國

In French with English and Chinese subtitles  法語對白,中、英文字幕

Director 導演: Jacques Demy

Cast演員: Catherine Deneuve, Jean Marais, Delphine Seyrig


A king (wealthy thanks to his banker donkey) falls in love with his daughter because he’d promised his dying wife that he would only marry a woman more beautiful than she was…
Thanks to the tricks and ploys of her godmother, the Lilac Fairy, his daughter resists his advances. She demands extraordinary dresses and then hides beneath a donkey’s hide. In the end, she marries a prince.

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